Often we can be put on the spot with someone who simply is looking for us to say something negative….Someone who simply wants us to join in the verbal “beating someone up….” People pull others into conversations that normally they would never enter into…but somehow they get caught off guard and fall right into the negativity that the other person is promoting….So how do we respond….?

I believe SNAP DECISIONS are often made based on what our natural responses to something would be….so we have to be aware of what we are thinking in the first place…..I love a CLASSY ANSWER….someone who   avoids being pulled into that muck of a conversaton……Someone who simply comes up with a classy answer that leaves smelling like a rose and the other person smelling like they just returned from the garbage dump…Yes, I love a Class Act….

There are many ways to respond to an on the spot question or situation….Some of my favorites are “I will think on it and then get back to you….” “ Is that right?”…..” or sometimes I really turn the tables on someone who wants me to say something bad about someone else…..I simply say “Oh I think they are fantastic….” So in other words I threw a wrench into the conversation by saying something good about the person in mention….

Do not allow yourself to be pulled into the garbage dump with those who want to wallow around in the sewage…..Simply come up with your own class act answers so that you will not later get pie in your face for something you regret having said….

There are always going to be situations where we are put on the spot and others who will try to trick us into saying what they want to hear….Don’t even go there…..Simply have your own Class Act Answer…



Simply do not open the door to what you do not want….So often people know what they don’t want but get talked into opening the door to it anyways…..When we know something is not right for our lives we simply need to say “NO” to it….not a “Maybe…” Saying “Maybe” is like leaving the door open enough for them to get their foot in partway in the door…to the point one cannot shut it…..

Learning to not open the door or entertain things that we know are not good for our lives is simply what we must do when we know it is not right for who we are……Keep the door shut….unless it is for what you want…


There are times that we simply need to keep our mouth shut and say nothing. Especially at times that we have a whole lot to say….Sometimes the best thing we can say is NOTHING……Saying nothing does not put us in a position of weakness….It actually in many cases puts us in a position of strength….

Often we say things in a moment of emotion that we cannot take back….But if we have kept our lips sealed till later we often say exactly what we really want to say……I often write everything on paper first that I want to say, hold on to it for a day, and then decide if it is still exactly what I want to say. For me, if it is, then in the right ways I will put my point across….Sometimes a letter can be better than spoken words because we tend to say exactly what we mean. The disadvantage is that those words on paper or email are always out there to be read again long after the situation has cleared….

So think before you speak….and consider KEEPING YOUR MOUTH SHUT….



There are times we should bend….some give and take in a situation while there are other times we should not budge an inch….Depending on the situation we have to determine if it is right for us to negotiate on certain things or agree….while other times when we know what we are standing for is absolutely right we should not budge an inch……Discernment is key to knowing which to do….


IS THE WORLD CRAZY….or am I simply watching a movie?

Sometimes I think the whole world has gone mad and I am simply watching a movie….Can people simply be this crazy in life? Can people really be doing some of the most stupidest things I have ever seen….? Has our societies as a whole gone crazy? It at times simply seems the world has gone crazy and I am watching a movie….

Perhaps the world has always been a little crazy but we see it magnified now with internet and TV….I simply am not sure….As a child growing up I simply didn’t notice the craziness of the world….but now I do….Has the world changed or have I simply opened my eyes to what was always there….I am simply not sure….but to me it seems the world at times has gone a bit crazy….



Success is often prevented from what we refuse to acknowlege or take ownership for....

Most people have habits or behavior traits that often can prevent them from moving to that next level of success in life....in any area of life...from career, relationships, finances, to health.....Unclogging the drains in life can be one of the best things one can do to get SUCCESS flowing.

When an area of one’s life feels clogged up like a pipe being clogged everything can begin to back up like sewage to the point that it is overflowing….and very stinky…..Identifying what is causing one to cause a clogged drain in life can be the beginning of unclogging what should not have been clogged in the first place….

Clogged drains can take time to unclog, but the first and best start is to quit putting down your drains what does not belong……Once a clogged drain in life is unclogged one has to remember what got them clogged in the first place to never allow it to happen again….

Habits, relationships, poor choices, and so much more can be some of the causes of a  clogged life drain…..Unclogging our drains can create free flowing movement in our lives to take us to exactly where we want to go…



When someone expresses their opinion more often than not I see them look up for approval or validation…..I often see a good opinion changed because someone else didn’t approve…..Often what I deem a right opinion will often try to be overshadowed by a wrong opinion from someone else….IT is key to holding on and respecting your own opinions when you feel they are right….Not to buckle down to someone else’s opinion about your opinion….

First, being clear on our own opinion is important as well as believing in what we are saying….A weak opinion is simply an opinion that is unsure about itself….but it is not just weak opinions that get blown away in the wind….It can be a strong opinion that simply allowed itself to be “bullied” or convinced into an opinion that was not theirs….

Your opinion is every bit as good as anyone elses when you know what you believe is right and correct…..Standing confident in our opinions is key to other people standing by us in support of it…..Believe in who you are, what you are about, and your opinions that you truly believe in..



I simply refuse to allow garbage in my life……Garbage is everywhere in life….around every turn and every place one goes….One has to pass it by….refuse to pick it up….and keep on going……There are garbage behaviors, garbage ideas, garbage places, and garbage plans in life……Knowing what you want and setting one’s standards high is key to avoiding the garbage of life and accepting only the best….

When one hangs around in a garbage dump they end up stinking….They key is to make one’s way to the rose garden and come out smelling like a rose…

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