A City Girl's Guide to Glamping It Up in the Woods

4 years ago
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Before last summer, I wouldn't have considered myself a "camper."

In fact, the last time I had camped was in a backyard with my Girl Scout troop. We rented a tent from the local Girl Scout office, built a fire and wore bandannas around our heads, all while having access to running water and a pristine toilet.



Last summer I went camping with some friends in the Cascades.

It was not the "camping" I remembered.

Sure, there were tents and a camp fire. But there was also freshly pressed coffee each morning and gourmet dinners. We feasted on scrambled eggs and french toast for breakfast. Tacos with all the fixin's were prepared for dinner. We didn't have a toilet per se, but there was a private area to relieve yourself and fresh running water to wash up. It was the BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!

Last weekend, Matt and I went on our first camping trip of the year. Armed with the knowledge imparted on me last year, I made sure this camping trip was just as spectacular. I also added some of my own touches ...

A Guide to Glamping: The City Girl Visits the Woods

1. Get a pedicure

Getting your toes cleaned up before you head into the woods will keep you from cringing every time you look down at your feet. If you're wearing flip flops, this is important. Trust me.

2. And a blow out.

Why go glam for a weekend in the woods? A good blow dry will keep your hair manageable for the whole weekend. The only washing/drying you should expect to do will be by way of ocean/stream and the sun. A headband is super helpful for keeping your hair out of your face. Be sure to pack extra hair ties, too!

3. Get a one-burner stove.

We picked one up on Amazon for under $30 and it served many purposes over the weekend. There are larger, two-burner versions, however ours was sufficient for all of our needs and much cheaper than the bigger stoves. Hot water for coffee? Check. French Toast? Check. Warm tortillas? Check!

4. Bring candles.

I packed four pillar candles to help spruce up our picnic bench. This isn't a necessity when camping. But we aren't camping, we're glamping. Pack the candles.

5. Light up the night.

I purchased two touch lights for the inside of our tent. For around $8 we had enough light in our tent to change into PJs and get ready for bed comfortably. Totally awesome for when you're in the pitch black abyss that is the woods.

6. Bring REAL food.

Yes, hot dogs are the quintessential camping food. But that isn't all you have to eat! If you purchased the stove mentioned in #2, you should plan meals and pack accordingly. We brought everything from fresh berries and eggs for breakfast to organic beef, corn tortillas, lettuce, onions and cheese for tacos. Be sure to fill your cooler with enough ice to keep your food fresh for the weekend.

7. Bring a rug.

Placing a small rug at the entrance to your tent can keep out dirt, pine needles and other forest-dwelling foliage.


There you have it. Seven supremely simple ways to spruce up your camping trip!

Even a city girl can love the woods!

Dr. Pragati Gusmano (@DoctorPragati)


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