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5 years ago

Possible interesting facts from my life…

1a. I was born on the 16th anniversary of Krystallnacht.

1b. On the 27th, the northeast United States and eastern Canada lost power.

1c. On the 51st, the Berlin wall fell.

2. I volunteer for Planned Parenthood, and occasionally for NARAL Pro-Choice NH.

3. I was once trapped in a restroom whilst the the Governor, one Congressman, and a television station general manager planned out a timetable for how the Congressman, a candidate for US Senate running in a special election, would have final say just before the election in an issue exchange between candidates. The election became necessary because the 1974 election ended in a tie, the closest US Senate election in history.

4. I once had the distinct honour of meeting Shirley Chisholm.

5. I don’t like the colour brown as clothing.

6. I prefer manual transmissions.

7. I started creative writing at age 53 and soon begin the sixth edit of my first novel. The next five are already in existence in some form.

8. I once played a role, along with nine others, in bringing the Marshall Tucker Band to Keene State College. The alternative choice was Jackson Browne. I’m glad we won.

9. I met someone through a Lucille Ball incident, when soap suds eight inches deep covered a floor. It wasn’t me who did it. J

10. I’ve seen Melissa Ferrick in concert four times. And yes, I know two who put that number to shame. Next are Santana and Fleetwood Mac with three.

11. I first blogged in 2005, out of pissy orneriness.

12. I was once interviewed on camera by the BBC, and not because they knew who I was.  So too someone quizzed me on radio, both on presidential elections.

13. In 1972, I was refused admittance to see Deep Throat, because we went to see it less than two weeks before my 18th birthday. Goddess watched out for me on that one.

14. I used to give expert court testimony on behalf of the insurance company for which I worked.

15. Thrice I’ve served on juries. Twice I’ve served as foreman.

16. Once I’ve been convicted of a felony.

17. I speedwalked almost 3000 miles from June 2009 through February 2011.

18. My favourite musician is Beth Orton.

19. Christine Jorgensen rocked my nine year old world in 1965.

20. I was a stay at home parent from October 1992 through June 2003.

21. I hold two insurance designations. The first, Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter, required 27 hours of examinations. The second, Associate in Underwriting, required 12 hours of examination.

22. I love to sail Sunfishes, but haven’t sailed in two decades.

23. I have a phobia about alligators.

24. I once slid down a winding waterfall, about thirty treacherous feet.  

25. I put my foot through our living room ceiling.

26. I first signed up for cable broadband internet in April 1998. It changed my life.

27. I had a blood transfusion in 1961, post tonsillectomy.

28. I still have a scar under my arm for where I fell out of a tree.

29. My nose was rebuilt in 2008, inside and out. We can rebuild her…

30. I hate onions.

31. And the word ‘whimsical’.

32. I read lots and lots of comics as a child, and a Tom Swift series of books. The one Nancy Drew mystery what entered our house for my sister…read that too.

33. I’ve undergone 450 hours of electrology, and my laser treatments to my body innumerable times.

34. I once blew a clutch in a VW Beetle climbing Magnetic Hill back toward the US border from Quebec.

35. Fifteen minutes after hire into my first entry-level corporate position, I was asked by my manager, “How are you going to like working with a bunch of bitchy women?”





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