Christmas Shopping At Walmart

5 years ago

So I went Christmas shopping at Walmart Sunday afternoon. I like to push myself to do things that leave me insane. It's really fun. Luckily, I was able to go shopping all by myself. Which made me sort of fall in love with Walmart and the people there. 50 shopping carts packed in the Barbie isle? No problem! I'm not here with my kids. Bring it on! The more the merrier. "Hover Rounds"  gathering together to chat in the middle of the store, taking up the whole walking path? No problem! Let me go get a motorized cart and I'll join you. I was clearly in the Christmas spirit. Shopping without having to stop and break up a million arguments made me all giddy and wanting to sing All I want for Christmas along with the piped in music of Mariah Carey.

I was standing in the Lalaloopsy isle and this older lady who was a Walmart employee came up to me and said, "Ma'am - you're making me nervous". This is a statement that is hard to figure out. I just looked at her with a semi frozen smile not knowing what the heck I did to her. She then proceeded to say... "You're making me nervous because you are not wearing your purse." I looked down at my shopping cart and sure enough, I was not wearing it. It was in the front baby seat. I felt the strangest urge to apologize.  I mean, all of a sudden she was my mom. I sort of stammered a bit and stuttered out a "yeah you are right, I'm not wearing it and should be."

Then she lectured me about how someone could come up and take it, while I was looking at the toys and I would never know. I nodded at her because she is obviously an experienced Walmart employee and knows what she is talking about. I bet that happens a lot at Walmart....people getting robbed.

She then said "If you are going to leave it in your shopping cart, at least buckle it in using the child seat belt. She takes the seat belt and laces it around and through both straps of my purse. I just stand there and watch her. This lady is messing with my purse. She is messing. With my purse. And I watch.

After my purse is all tangled up in the baby seat belt, she made an excuse about this being just "the mom" coming out in her. I was supportive of this and told her thank you and that I appreciate her looking out for me. See...I was able to be all friendly, patient, and sweet, because I was alone. Without kids. And singing along with Mariah. Now, if the same thing happened when I was there with all 4 kids and I was trying to get out of this store alive, I would have probably barked out something along the lines of "Keep your paws off my purse you weirdo!!"

But I didn't have to do that. She thanked me for being so sweet to her and told me a story about one other time she tried to "help" another woman who wasn't wearing her purse either. When she told the other woman that someone could pick it up and be gone before she even knew it - the woman said "Well if that happens it will be MY Problem and NOT yours!"

I immediately was upset over my new Walmart-guardian-friend getting yelled at for just trying to help. What is wrong with people? Oh wait - I bet the woman had her grumpy kids with her.

But regardless, My new Walmart Mom friend did not deserve that.  She walked away and smiled at me and said "Thank you for being sweet and you have a Merry Christmas sweetie". I smiled and replied "You have a Merry Christmas, as well."

Now that, my friends, is Christmas Spirit.

Now get your paws off my purse!




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