Christmas Holidays for the Mix Cultured

4 years ago

Well it is getting close to the festivities, and I believe its time to start thinking about what to wear on the special days… Me being a mix of Canadian and Venezuelan, my holidays are a bit different than everybody else I believe…

So here in Venezuela people celebrate Christmas on the 24th, people party on the all night on the 24th, the eat there Christmas diner about at 10 or 11 pm, and the kids get to open all their presents on at 12 pm, drink all night and go to bed early morning of the 25th (so as you can imagine nothing goes on during the 25th).

In Canada like in the States the celebration is mainly on the 25th, well as my mother has told me. Christmas dinner is on the 25th, and presents were open early morning on the 25th,the 24th  is really not that relevant.

And well I believe the both cultures have the same day for celebrating new year, however my mother says that in Venezuela people make it more about family than there… I really don’t know. But here it’s a big deal if you don’t spend the holidays with family.

So being a child of mix cultures, I must celebrate all the ways possible, lucky me. Well it is not that easy making so much different plans and not cheap either, also not so easy when you have a partner that also has a family to make happy.

So this is how it goes for me:

On the 24th I celebrate the Venezuelan way, eat with the family my Venezuelan that consist of Hallacas, Pan de Jamon and Ensalada de Gallina (Hallacas is a Venezuela food made of a corn Doug with meat filling boiled in plantain leaves, very fascinating food actually; Pan de Jamon is a bread with ham as the name says also with bacon, olives and raisins and ensalada de gallina which is a potato salad with gen and apples), here people realy dress up for this; the only diference is that we do this at my house earlier than normal around 8 pm. Now that there are no young (kids) ones in my family we just exchange gifts aferter dinner.

If my boyfriend wishes to spend time with his family abot 10 pm we would go to his family eat again with them (sometimes people make ham o pork too with the previous foods), and wait until mid-night.

After all the family pleasing, after mid night people go PARTY!!!! Yei!!!! Well ughhh for me… With all the food stuffed in me and all the process its hard no to be exhausted by then, but you have to do what you have to do…. Hahaha. So I stay up until late.

Then comes the 25th, no sleeping all day for me, food has to be cooked for my Canadian Celebration! So we get everything ready and about 3 pm we have all the family come over and stuff our faces, besides the cleaning up that’s it for me for a couple days.

So then it is new year! Here it also is a family thing; you must eat a meal where the main dish is normally pork with something else. You wait until 12 and say New Year to your family, and then you go out parting until morning. No, it does not end there… Here in Venezuela people have a thing for going to the beach after that for the whole day.

So that is that, my mixed cultured Christmas… So how about yours, how do you celebrate the holidays? What do you eat? I would love to know!!!



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