Christmas Blues

4 years ago

A friend of mine, a single mom, recently messaged me, “I don't like the holidays! For some reason I always get a little lonely and sad. Why do you think that is? Is it normal to feel that way?" I responded:

"Because finding out when your a kid that this guy doesn't really exist is just the beginning of the lifelong disappointment that our fantasy of what Christmas should be like, doesn't line up at all with the reality of what Christmas is like?"

Is Santa real?

"Because we're brainwashed to think this is what Christmas is supposed to look like?"
Perfect Family Christmas Scene


"When for for moms, single or not, it really looks like this?"
Norman Rockwell

"I'm so glad you asked me that...aren't you?!"

Her question got me to thinking. I know a lot of people start to feel a little deflated around Christmas time. However, I think that just because the fantasy doesn't line up with what our reality is doesn’t mean that Christmas can't be magical—it just means that you have to think a little more outside of the box as to what magic is for you. We have create for ourselves the magic that can make it a special time of year. Companies spend hundreds of thousands a dollars a year in marketing to convince us that a magical Christmas involves stuff, stuff, and more stuff. But stuff doesn't equate to magic. It's just stuff. Magic is not tangible, it's abstract...a state that you can define for yourself.

It’s really hard to escape the Norman Rockwell-esq images of Mom, Dad and Grandparents all sitting around the dinner table with a golden turkey at the center. But—much to the chagrin of the Focus on the Family folks—what family “looks” like has has evolved.

I think to get the magic back into Christmas we have to let go of stereotypes. It’s twenty four hours out of 8765.81 in a year. Fill that day with only the things that are meaningful to you—not the things that some marketing exec or religious organization wants you to think are.

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