Christian Assumptions

6 years ago

On the red carpet at a very televised awards ceremony, one of the reporters stopped a fabulously dressed blonde actress who, at the time, was the hottest ticket on both the small and big screens. She was ending her TV run and embarking on strictly a motion picture career and motherhood. At the end of the interview the reporter wished her a Merry Christmas and she stopped in her tracks and the dazzling smile on her face dropped and was replaced with stone.

"I'm Jewish."

He stuttered and stammered and turned a horrible shade of fuschia and you could actually see the sweat forming.

"You are?"

"No...but what if I was? How do you just be so presumptive and possibly offend me to the point where I'd never give you another interview? How rude!"

I love that scenario!

It has been my experience that Christians always assume everyone else is also Christian.  Jewish people don't assume everybody they work with is Jewish.  Buddhists don't assume that everyone in the grocery store needs to chant or meditate.  As a matter of fact, they would be ostracized for doing so.  But it is accepted for Christians to do the same thing.  I really get tired of the "encouragement" argument as well...where Christians are encouraged to spread the word of live Christ like.  Before I continue let me explain two things.

1) I am agnostic.  Agnostic means that I believe in a higher power (i.e. the spirit of the universe) but my belief is not in the defined "God" that you consider the being that will save your soul. (I also don't know if I believe in saving souls.)

2) I HAVE studied the bible and I don't know many (less than 5) people who I consider better scholars of the bible than me.

My point is that Jesus didn't teach the word by shoving down people's throats.  He taught gently and by example.

Where is all this coming from?  I posted a question on Facebook concerning being where I want to be and where I need to be and the first 3 comments involved God.  How do you just assume that I'm a Christian and believe in God?  How do you just impose your beliefs on me so easily?  I was offended to the point where I seriously considered deleting the people as friends.

In today's society it's assumed that everyone is a Christian until notice is otherwise given.  Consider this my notice until I say different....please and thank you.

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