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I spend an enormous amount of time thinking about choices:  mine, my kids, my friends, the universe.  It all comes down to choice, right?

Some end up being good choices — marriage, kids, your job, that lottery ticket, chocolate cake, teams to love, friends to have, using deoderant, cracking a joke, writing a thank you note, giving someone a hug, taking the high road.

Some end up being bad choices (which could be alarmingly similar to the above) — marriage, kids, your job, etc.

How to know which way the choice will fall?  Good?  Bad?  Most of the time, no way to know.  We are inundated with a billion choices a day.  Tiny ones, like what shoes to wear or large ones, like debating punching a jackass in the face (which would always be a BAD choice).

Then there’s the choice “opinion”.  A good choice to YOU may be a crappy choice to someone else.  Choice discriminates, based on the person and situation.  I could make a choice to benefit ME and suck for YOU.  See?  Crapshoot.

Choices are huge.  Some define your entire life.  Or death.  Or your children.  Some are choices that are so hard to make, they hurt.  Even if you don’t want to make the choice, you must.  Pain and all.  Or happiness and all.

Regretting of a choice is the kick in the pants.  You weighed your options…but you still made the wrong choice.  It happens.  To everyone.  Every single person makes crappy choices.  Hopefully, the choice is reversable.  If not, you have to make do with the choice and try to turn it to a winning choice.  Because some choices are permanent…and have lasting effects.  Permanent.  You can’t back out on some.  You can’t call for a redo.  It is what it is.  And you have to suck it up and deal.  Well, you can whine a little, but in the end — it’s your choice how to deal with that CHOICE.  See?  ANOTHER choice.

Choices multiply.  Exponentially.

Choices are like a giant chart of IF THEN statements.

Choices can be the best things in your life.

Chocies can be the end of something beautiful.

Choices can be full of jackassery.

Chocies can change your entire path in life.

Choices.  They aren’t trivial.  And all we can do is make the best choices we can….even if they end up being bad ones.

Love, Hatefully Choosing Crap Daily

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