Chocolate Truffles + a Tired 5-year-old = A Million Dollar Idea

5 years ago
It Was One of THOSE Mornings...

my-million-dollar-ideaMy heart belongs to my angel 5yo daughter. She is the best thing that's ever come into our life. As much as I love her, I am, alas,  imperfect and patience is not my strongest suit. There are times, any of us who have been around children understand, that patience is a necessity - not just a nicety.

This morning was one of THOSE mornings. :)

I don't remember what set her off, but she was upset! Usually, she winds up on the 'happy toilet.' *Gasp* (happy, because that's when she can get off, when she decides to be happy again and the toilet, because toilets are NO fun to sit on, so it motivates her to get off faster!) As I was saying, she USUALLY ends up on the happy toilet when the meltdown is inconsolable.

Today however, I put on my 'awesome-patient mom' hat and resolved NOT to send her to the happy toilet, nice of me, right?!?

So in an effort to be awesome mom (at least momentarily) I had no idea I was about to be schooled by my kindergartner.

I let her cry (sob) a bit as we sat at the breakfast table together. She cried and I just sat there - praying for help to know what to do, if you want to know the truth. Then it occurred to me - the MILLION DOLLAR IDEA spanked me right on my behind and I felt pretty sheepish.

Duh, mom! Just ask her simple questions (in between the sobs) and see how she responds. So I did just that.

As she took a breath between tears I would ask a what or why question. I kept my voice pretty monotone as to not add to the drama and to help her feel safe. It went something like this:

"Honey, why do you feel upset?"

*sobs* "I'm frustrated." *sobs*

"What are you frustrated about?"

*sobs* "School is so boring."(School hadn't even been a topic of discussion until this moment in the morning.)

"Ok, what is it that makes it so boring..."

You get the idea... Tell me I'm not the only one who has ever had a convo like this with an angel 5yo? So I continued to ask what or why questions until her sobs subsided and she was back to a reasoning state-of-mind. The end result? She concluded that she was upset because she didn't have enough energy for school! Truthfully, she didn't know exactly why she was upset, but she resolutely came to this conclusion.

We'll, she told me the 'problem' and now it was my turn to help find a solution! I told her I was sure there was something in the house that could fix this. As I methodically 'searched the kitchen' for something to cure her ailment, I found the treat cupboard, and inside was a 'magical chocolate truffle' made just for 5yo's who need energy during school (aka a Lindt Lindor, irresistibly smooth, truffle).

I told her we should take the special 'energy chocolate'  on our daily commute and that she should eat it in the car just as we were getting to the school.  I then concluded that we would decided when school was over if the 'energy chocolate' had worked or not.

That was it, the meltdown had faded into the far-distant past and she was ALL smiles for the rest of the day. When she came home, she happily announced that the chocolate worked and that she would most likely need one again tomorrow... *sigh*


So What is the Million Dollar Idea and How Does it Apply to Your Business?


It's asking what and why in the right way, at the right time and at the right place. These two questions are 'magical' for your business, just like the chocolate was for my 5yo. When it comes to connecting with clients and growing a rocking business there is a time and a place that we need to be all ears - really listen - then the 'magical' solutions come. As we 1) asses the situation, 2) listen to the feedback and 3) apply it to the principles we know from our given professions, we will know the best ways to serve the needs of any current and potential clients or customers. That's what makes a rocking business.

When you can be 'awesome (mom) professional' for a moment and remove yourself from the chaos and the wheel of perpetual response, you can have break through moments like I did, all the time, everyday in your business.

When your listening ears are on and you can ask What? and Why? you will find a great solution (instead of the same old happy toilet) for any client need. If you're in retail, coaching, design, marketing, business services or any other industry, these two words, in the right way at the right time will guide you to your very own Million Dollar Idea, and it may even spank you in the behind like mine did me.

Now, I don't often feel like super-mom, in fact, rarely if ever. But today my 5yo taught me a lesson that I hope I never forget. There was magic in the moment when I deliberately choose to put aside the regular old solution to our problem. The happy toilet just wasn't going to cut it today, and both of us are happier off without it.

So, until the next meltdown, go forth and MAX that! Whatever it is, knock it out of the park and remember this lesson from a 5yo: chocolate is always magical.

I'd love to hear about your triumphs and start a  conversation in the comments!

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