Cherish Today

5 years ago

I've learned to let precious moments fill me rather than spending any time imprisoned by the past.

Here's a quick video of my baby grand daughter and her big new laugh.

It seems as though baby boomer grandparents are more thrilled about the next generation than grandparents from the 50's. An article from looks at this fascinating theory. From where I stand, its true, I am beyond thrilled to have a grandbaby.

I'm a new baby boomer grandparent ("Gran") since September 1, 2012 and I didn't realize how much she would affect my life. She's like this little beacon of hope, a spark to show how anything is possible. She reminds me of what joy is and and this little tiny person lights up the room as she enters. (Even when she's asleep.)

I've spent the last few years, pre grand baby, discussing best practices in adoption, supporting legislative change for adult adoptees to have access to their original birth certificate, and promoting the need for education on all sides of adoption. Not to mention sharing my own book Late Discoveries. Adoption is an enormously complex issue. One I've gotten a bit mired down in, emotionally. When you work in "it" a lot of the time there is the tendency, on occasion, to focus on your own path or story. This can lead to re-examination, comparisons to others, and a general sit-a-spell in the past; even when you are aware that the present is where it's at. 

There's a lot of dark in this world, pain, and many obstacles ahead. I've learned to cherish the good, the gifts, living in the moment, and have faith that the bad won't last long. The saying, "This too shall pass" is true of the good and the bad.  

Since learning I was adopted, about 3 1/2 years ago, I've made many friends in the adoption community. Mothers who relinquished or lost children to adoption are some of the most amazing women I know, they've helped me to understand my mother who I can only hope to meet in heaven one day. Other adoptees, especially those of us who learned the secret of a lifetime, have given me a connection (and validation) I can't get anywhere else. I hope I will always have this bond to my dear friends in the adoption community. Most especially, I  deeply appreciate the amazing group of people who make up the American Adoption Congress, and those who are part of my local support group, AZ Adoption Circle.

If you're part of the adoption community you'll want to be a part of AAC and take advantage of what they offer, such as the next international conference coming up in April. Their website is filled with resources, you can learn about the conference, and be sure to check them out on Facebook. After March I will leave the board of directors and no longer be their nartional Secretary. The doors and windows will be open to the creative breezes and I'll be cherishing each moment with my granddaughter. 



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