Check???? Mate!!!!!

7 years ago
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In every couple one person is more of the planner.  That person is more organized than their partner.    They may keep to-do lists or detailed calendars. They may have rituals like always putting something in the same place as not to forget it.  In other words, they are more anal their spouse.  In my marriage, hands down, my husband, Marc, is that person.  Sometimes it seems like he has lists for his lists, while I usually fly by the seat of my pants. I hardly ever write notes, or utilize a calendar.  I always think to myself if I can’t remember something on my own, how important can it be? Other than the fact that I do lose my car keys on my desk daily, my method always worked fine for me. 

When we travel, Marc has a major check list.  It includes everything from the obvious, like taking our wallets, to the obscure, like unplugging the water coolers.  Everything that has to be done is on the list.

The night before our trip to Florida, Marc the planner, prepared Alex’s breakfast bowl, pre-ground our morning coffee, and set up our coffee machine.  He even laid out a plastic bag for us to peel and take two oranges with us.  The morning of our flight, I peeled the oranges and went to put them in our laptop bag.  “No, just throw it in the fridge,” Marc said, “We aren’t leaving for while.  We might as well keep it cold.  I’ll grab them before we leave.”

We took a cab to the airport.  There was no traffic. We were pleasantly surprised to see that there were no lines at security.  We quickly reached the scanners.  As I removed my sweater and shoes, Marc reached for his cell phone that he had clipped to his belt, as he always does when we travel. “Where is my cell phone?” Marc asked.


“My cell phone… Where is it? I don’t have my damn cell phone.”

“What do you mean?  You don’t have it?  Did you leave it at home?” I asked.

“Shit! NO! I had it in the cab.  I put it on the seat when I paid.  SHIT!  I left it on the seat….How did I do that?” 

“It’s OK,” I replied, trying to stay calm.  “The driver is probably still in the airport.  I’ll call them.”  I reached for my cell phone, dialed, and NOTHING! “Shit!” I exclaimed.  “There is no reception”.  I started walking away from the scanners, thinking they were causing interference.  I redialed. Still, nothing…  We walked off the security line.  I redialed.  Again, nothing… Before we knew it, we were standing outside the airport trying to make a phone call that just refused to go through.

At this point, I handed Marc my phone, thinking he could perform magic. “What is the point of having a cell phone if it doesn’t work?” Marc muttered, as we both got more and more frustrated.  “What are the chances I forget my phone and yours dies?  This is ridiculous!”

Not knowing what to do, I started asking limo drivers, cabbies, and fellow passengers if I could borrow a cell phone.  Well, you can imagine how quickly my fellow New Yorkers were to hand me a phone.  An airport worker, who was watching us, told us where to find a pay phone in the terminal.  Marc and I quickly ran over to it.  By now, twenty minutes passed.  As I tried to remember how to use a pay phone (I didn’t even thing they were around anymore – did you?) Marc rebooted my phone. Why neither one of us thought to do this sooner, we will never know.  He actually got through to the cab company before I did. The driver found the phone, and was going to return to the airport with it.  The only problem was he was twenty minutes away already.

Marc and I were instructed to wait where he dropped us off.  We quickly headed there where we waited, freezing, for the driver to return.  As soon as he arrived, Marc exchanged some money for his phone, and once again, we found ourselves passing through security.  Thankfully, the security line was just as empty as before, and we swiftly passed through. We made a mad dash to the gate where our plane was already boarding.

With no time to grab a snack before the flight, Marc turned to me and said, “Good thing we brought those oranges with us.”  As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the realization hit him.  “You listened to me and put them in the fridge, right?”

As I sheepishly nodded my head yes, Marc said “Oh great!  I forgot those too!”


“What are you sorry for?  You listened to me.  To think, I am the anal one!  I should have written take oranges on my check list, and then I wouldn’t have forgotten! Damn, I really wanted that orange!”

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