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9 years ago

We tend to be pretty quiet up here in Canada. You'd hardly know that we have an election coming up, for example. Nor is it obvious that we spend a lot of time worrying about things like the environment and our children and when the hell the Stanley Cup is going to take its rightful place in Toronto. (I kid! It would also look very nice in Vancouver!) You'd hardly know that we can get pretty gung ho about causes. Which is why it's time to remind you all about BlogHers Act Canada.

Last year, we were all about the environment. We sought to get bloggers - Canadian and otherwise - involved in taking action - in their real lives as well as online - on environmentalism, and we did a pretty good job. As Amy - lead writer on the environment for BHAC - points out in her recap of the year, we covered everything from recycling to locavorism to banning bisphenol-A (which was one of our bigger successes - we played a role in intensifying public pressure on the government, and it worked: BPA was banned this spring.)

But it's a new year now - September always being the real marker for fresh starts - and we're making some changes at BHAC.

We're not abandoning our work on the environment - we've had too much fun this year, and we feel like we've only just gotten started. But we're going to shift tactics, and spend more of our energies lending our virtual support to community-based environmental projects (in addition, of course, to continuing to follow and participate in more global efforts). Stay tuned on this one.

The really big change is this: we're adding a whole new cause to our repertoire. Which is to say - having been a one-cause operation, we're branching out, such that we can say things like 'oh, hey, we have a repertoire of causes that we address.' This year, it's family health - we'll cover issues pertaining to the health and wellbeing of mothers, children, elders... of the family and the household in general... and promote blog actions that raise awareness of these issues. Sam of Temporarily Me will be our lead writer on family health, and she's kicked things off this month by looking at the recent breastfeeding fiasco that yours truly was involved in. (She's even posted video. Because it's not enough that my boobs have been exposed on my blog - I had to put them out there on television. But! It's for a good cause!)

Later this month we'll be introducing a variety of issues related to family health that we're going to pay particular attention to this year; again, stay tuned.

(Feedback is always welcome and encouraged, even you're not Canadian - any ideas you might have for causes that we might take up, let us know!)

So head over and take a look. Maybe make it a regular visit. And help us continue to work toward making a difference. One blog at a time.


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