Change Your Mind about the Illusion of "Failure"

3 years ago

How about today you decide to let go of your perception of the ”failures” in your life? Any break-ups with a lover or friend, the times you didn’t hit the sales goals in your job,  the times that something didn’t work out as you hoped it would or as you wanted it to.

Can you choose to be willing to let go of any time you’ve judged yourself or allowed others to make you feel that you fell short?  For what is a failure but a circumstance that didn’t evolve in the way you or someone else hoped it would? Maybe a boss or a friend set forth expectations that upon missing you were evaluated as not being a good performer or not being good enough compared to someone else. Maybe a friendship or romantic relationship ended where you felt misunderstood, judged, or you have regrets in choices you made at the time.

Failure is only a thought and a thought, as Louise Hay says in You Can Heal Your Life, can be changed. Perhaps the “failure” unfolded just as it needed to you for your growth. Perhaps it was the universe’s way of removing that situation from your life because it was no longer a match for you, it was no longer in your highest and best good. Perhaps its tree bore no more fruit in your life. Not where you’re going…you’re going a step higher.

Perhaps, the “failure” is really just a disguised doorway to a path leading you to a new perception, a new unexpected way of looking at yourself and your life, a path demanding you release your own and others’ expectations, evaluations, and judgments; clearing the space for you to step forward into a more loving, more free space to live.

I have been through all of these things...not hitting goals set by myself and others, a breakup with a close friend and significant other, and I know what the fear of not being enough feels like. And in that, I’ve learned that no person, no job, no achievement, no goal met or unmet, will dictate my self-worth. For I am far more than a human perspective. I am an infinite, unlimited being who cannot be contained. I am an expansive being radiating inner beauty and light in every moment. Regardless of what that looks like in this moment.

I’ve learned that loving yourself and being kind and gentle with yourself in all things, through all things, provides a shield of protection to which any dart thrown bounces off. In the place of self-love, I am untouchable. And so are you.


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