4 years ago

As people connect they respect the place each other have been and the similarities they are going. I foresee a place similar to destiny where each one of us is in agreement with the success of a nation always linked by similarities. I can tell when people remove the veil to show themselves true and happen to reduce the past and enlighten their future. I shall be respectful to all mankind and protect the hands of time that propel past the crime of offense giving blame to change. I can be what men see and women believe according to their destiny set before Me and align the time that used to be called pleasure and make it a priority in my plan as we walk hand in hand. Similarities in man is described in time as excellent or favor with a goal in mind. To do what you enjoy will profit you much and leave you not on a path of disgust. Let your heart be happy and treasure this time together when the weather will favor a time we share together. I plead the blood in need as we think about our future thankful for protection as we storm through life together. Your presence with me brings memory as I thought of my family as Jesus hung on a tree the pain and anguish put on him was a connection that brought us together again. He bled and died for all mankind giving power to all of you who find it difficult to look at what He is offering you. As they stabbed his side blood and water had been combined the revelation is still today the blood of the lamb has purified the way for all of you  look like him perfect today with out any sin. I see you as I see Him for he died and rose again and as you accept John 3:16 we will be together victorious today giving second place to Satan and all his ways. The old is gone and the youth renewed for victory really does suit you. I am filled with love for you and will never have scorn and untruth. Come today while there is time to find the hand that will guide. When my Son was put to shame Satan thought he won the game yet all who see clearly know the end as we laugh eternally. A fool to be lives in misery and the wise have victory. Dont do what others do just stay focused on my gift for you.

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