CFO to SAHM: From the Boardroom to the Toyroom

6 years ago

My daughter-in-law recently put her career as a corporate Chief Financial Officer on hold to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom for her 2 boys (my grandsons) ages 2 and 5. 

She and I were having (trying to have) a quick telephone conversation yesterday evening while she was attempting to get dinner on the table for the kids (actually more like, she was trying to get the kids to the table).  My son was out of town on a business trip, so mommy was doing all the wrangling.

We only talked on the phone for, maybe 5 minutes, as I could hear the boys in the background, playing in the house, being pretty rowdy.  Typical boy stuff - the occasional thud, scream, door slam, the sound of running feet that aren’t supposed to run in the house.  My DIL commented to me that they were particularly ‘wound up’ that evening, as they tended to be when Dad wasn’t home.  I laughed when she mentioned how the boys always get really ‘off-the-wall’ when she is on the phone. 

I can remember saying that same thing when I had young kids.  Only, back then, we still had cords on telephones and I am certain that my kids knew exactly how far that cord would reach – and then they went just beyond that to do their dirty work.  They were so good at this little setup, I was convinced my sons were either going to grow up to work for the phone company, or become one of those dudes at the football game who measures whether a “down” was made (this would be the extent of my football knowledge, BTW)

But, what I really found funny in all this were my daughter-in-law’s side commentaries to the kids in between broken sentences to me.  It struck me how this bright, young woman’s daily vocabulary must have digressed drastically since her transition from a Corporate Mover and Shaker to, well, ……. a Mover and Shaker of Children.   Here are just some of her comments to the kids, overheard during a very brief phone encounter, as compared to her former vernacular:



“On the Chopping Block”

“Stop chopping your brother!”  (a reference to the 5-year-old’s recent interest in Kung Fu and using his little brother as a practice dummy)

“Look at the Bottom Line”

“Bend over so I can wipe your butt.” (2-year-old has begun potty-training)

“Clean up these accounts”

“Wash your hands.  They have poop on them. “ (another reference to the toilet-training)

“It’s Dog Eat Dog”

“You’re hurting the dog!”

I don’t know.  After looking over this list again, it occurred to me that maybe the boardroom and the toyroom aren’t so different after all.

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