Celebrating Pride Month With 11 LGBT Blogs to Follow This Week

3 years ago

We're celebrating Pride Month by sharing of our favorite LGBT blogs (and bloggers.) Check them out and share your favorites in the comments below.



Life with Roozle

The tagline for Life with Roozle is "Two Moms. One Roozle. Life Rules" and it absolutely does when you're reading Life with Roozle. What's not to love about a little girl who falls asleep drawing and a blog written so beautifully by Casey Carey-Brown?


Mombian has been my go to blog for all things LGBT pretty much since the beginning of blogs. If you're looking for information about gay-related news and special interest stories, this is the blog that should be in your feedreader. (You are using a feedreader, aren't you?)

Up Popped a Fox

Just typing Up Popped a Fox causes me to giggle quietly to myself but when I click into read a post, I'm almost always left laughing out loud. Or smirking. Loudly. What? You can so smirk loudly. I do it all of the time when I'm reading Vikki's seriously funny posts. She also writes not funny posts really well. Posts about parenting and politics and life. Vikki is a storyteller and I love a storyteller.

Raising My Rainbow

Lori Duron writes Raising My Rainbow, a blog about her gender nonconforming son. This isn't the traditional LGBT blog, it's a blog about parenting gender creative, gender nonconforming, protogay and prehomosexual children. If you don't know what any of that means, start reading Raising My Rainbow. Right now.

Lesbian Dad

Lesbian Dad is the very first LGBT blog I started reading (besides my own and my partner's, of course) and it's never left my feedreader. Polly is an amazing writer, photographer and parent.


Sean, DPaul and Reese (you cannot forget Reese!) make up the little family behind Hedonia and they are without a doubt my favorite San Fransicans. Their food & travel posts and photos are not to be missed.

Amy Andre

Amy Andre is super smart and when she talks about bisexual issues, you should absolutely be listening.

Food for the Thoughtless

Michael's blog, Food for the Thoughtless, is one of my favorite food blogs. He writes about food in exactly the way I like to read about food. He tells a story with words, with photos, and of course, with food.


I'm cheating a little by including Autostraddle because they aren't a "blog" but a great big wonderful community. It's hard to describe Autostraddle so I'll just include this quote from their About page: "We like the macro and the micro, the international and the close-to-home. We take a queer sensibility to everything — ’cause something doesn’t have to be GAY to be, you know – gay." So true. So very true.


Transgriot has been my go to blog for all things Trans for, well, forever it seems. Politics, health, lifestyle -- you name it, you'll find it here.

Laverne Cox

I have to round this list out with the fabulous Laverne Cox. Even if you aren't watching Orange Is the New Black (which you should be doing), I doubt you missed her on the cover of TIME magazine this month. She is freaking fabulous. I know, I said that already -- but she is. She so is.

I had a hard time limiting my list to 11 -- there are so many great LGBT bloggers out there! Help the readers out by posting your must-follow LGBT blog to add to the list. Share the link(s) in the comments.

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