Catharsis & Nesting

4 years ago

If you read my post last week, you know that Sam and I had to pack up almost everything in our house to get it ready for deleading. Which is exactly what every woman wants to do when she is 38 weeks pregnant, right?

Yeah, not so much.

But shockingly the contractors finished when they said they would be done (does that ever happen?) and this past weekend we were able to rally my mother-in-law and several of our friends to help us spend six hours on Saturday unpacking and putting furniture back where it belongs.

(Which, if you have ever been pregnant, you probably realize isreally hard to do when you are 39 weeks pregnant. Toward the end I basically had to sit on my bed and direct my friends where to unpack things. Man, I totally get now why by the end of pregnancy women are so done with it. I am so ready physically -- and emotionally, but especially physically -- for this baby to come out of me.) 

A lovely print I bought at the Boston Christmas Festival last week for the baby's room, and a collection of baby-related books

Before the deleading, we had thrown out items that were way past their expiration date, gave away items in our house we no longer needed, and cleared off countertops that had somehow become auxiliary storage spaces. Ah, the sweet relief of purging.  

  My ever-growing collection of children's books, all ready for baby!

We did extra cleaning after we moved back in: bookcases and countertops wiped down, rugs vacuumed. My mother-in-law spent a solid hour thoroughly cleaning our fridge (maybe the second time that has happened since we've lived here?). It's so pretty and organized. (Thanks, Irina!)

Things are slowly but surely finding their way back to where they belong, and our house is probably the cleanest it has been since we first moved in over three years ago.

This whole process has been surprisingly cathartic.

I almost feel like I'm starting anew, getting the house prepped for this new life that is about to join us. You could almost say that the whole proces of getting our house deleaded was a blessing in disguise. It forced Sam and I out of our complacency with the near-constant state of clutter and forced our asses to get things done that have needed to get done for awhile. Things feel cleaner, more organized.  

And I have been in total nesting zone this week. It's been really hard to focus on those last few things I really need/want to get done with the blog and business before the baby arrives. I still have a few more posts to write or format, a few newsletters to draft, some social media to schedule.

But more than anything, I just want to finish getting my house in order, finish decorating the baby's room (I was finally able to start on Monday, yeeee!). I want to lounge around and read light, fluffy novels that don't require any thinking. I want to watch mindless tv and finish knitting this baby sweater I started over a month ago.  

I also just want to relax; my body is telling me right now that's what it needs. (As I'm sure my feet swelling for the first time the other night was indicating.) This is the last time for a long while that my time is mine, and I want to take advantage of it while I can.



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