Cat Lover's Gift Guide

3 years ago

Who needs an excuse to peruse the world of cat toys, furniture and trinkets? I've owned more than 20 cats in my life, both indoor and outdoor. I currently have one. Welcome to my Cat Lover's Gift Guide.

NEXT ⇒ Cats on Deck Outdoor Enclosures

Cats on Deck, starts at $495

If you're like me and have an indoor cat who's dying to go outside, there's a compromise. I don't have anything as fancy as what I see from Cats on Deck, but it's the same idea—a safe way for an indoor or declawed cat to get some fresh air without worrying about getting chased by dogs, attacked by racoons, or catching feline leukemia from a neighborhood stray ... not to mention the temptation to wander away from home.

NEXT ⇒ Catty Stacks

Catty Stacks, $14.95 each

If you have a cat, you know they love boxes. Sacks, too, but particularly boxes. The cool thing about Catty Stacks is that they are boxes with holes on them that can be used individually or stacked up and clipped together with the included clips. They come in blue, white, green, or brown, and my cat Kizzy loves them. I use one single one in my office and a configured stack in the basement. What I really like is that they are light enough that if company's coming over, they can be easily moved or collapsed.

NEXT ⇒ Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Toy

Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Toy, $9.99

This toy (which wins the award for longest and most ridiculous toy name ever) is the only toy Kizzy completely flips for. He's had many, many other stick/feather sort of toys that use strings to attach the toy to the stick, and he's all meh. I got the idea to buy this toy, which uses almost invisible wire to attach the mousie to the stick, while watching Jackson Galaxy on My Cat From Hell. He produces one of these things on almost every visit, and suddenly devil's-spawn felines are springing around like Bambi. These toys are not easy to find. We finally located them in Petco and bought two. This toy is a lot like the also-awesome Cat Dancer, but the mousie is more attractive to Kizzy and the flexibility of the wire is different. The Cat Dancer is more boing-boing and the mousie toy is more flit-flit, if you know what I mean.

NEXT ⇒ Cattino

Cattino, $129

This Etsy seller put her design degree to use on her cat, and Cattino is the result. Made of Baltic birch, this sleek kitty console has two napping hammocks, catnip and a scratching area. Plus it looks frickin' cool.

NEXT ⇒ Meow Box

Meow Box, starting at $25/month

Subscription boxes are all the rage, so why not get one for your or your loved one's cat? Every month, you'll get a box with at least $35-$50 worth of treats, toys, and gadgets for your feline friend.

NEXT ⇒ Hang in There Poster

Hang in There Poster, $29.95

Those of us who were around in the 1970s remember the "Hang in There" kitten poster that hung on every school secretary's wall. Then The Lego Movie brought it back in all its glory. Want your own? Prepare to pay up; it's vintage now.

NEXT ⇒ Kitty Holster

Kitty Holster, $49.99

I don't have one of these for my outdoors-loving cat, but I want one. We have a regular cat harness, the kind you can buy at Walmart, and the only thing he likes about it is that he gets to roll around in the grass when he is wearing it. My neighbor walks her cat in her yard, too, and between the two of us, we have been through almost every kind of harness. Most are pretty easy to escape from. This looks foolproof to me!

NEXT ⇒ Tigrito Cat Bowl

Tigrito cat bowl, $68

Who doesn't get sick of bending over to fetch an empty cat bowl? The tail on this bowl serves as a carrying handle as well as a testament to cuteness. The bowl comes in aqua, yellow, black, or gray with stainless steel.

NEXT ⇒ Kitty Caps

Kitty Caps, $14.95

Glue-on Kitty Caps can protect your furniture, your carpet, your SKIN—all safely and without putting a cat through declawing (which is an amputative surgery that the Humane Society says can lead to behavior problems that are worse than scratching). They come in cute colors, and last for 4-8 weeks per set.

NEXT ⇒ Furminator

Furminator, $49.99

If you have a pet and you've ever been near a groomer, chances are you've heard of the Furminator. Yes, they're expensive. No, there's nothing like them. They are that good, reducing shedding by an eye-popping 90 percent.

Any awesome cat gifts I missed?

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