Care to Be Different With Custom Engagement Rings

a year ago
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Merely because diamonds are permanently doesn't mean they're for everyone. More and more today, people are checking out their options when it comes to custom diamond rings. Maybe they're couple looking to buy their first home rather than sell the farm for an extravagant diamond. Or perhaps it's someone who previously purchased tailor made involvement rings with expensive diamond ring and subsequently lost them. Whatever the reason, will be certainly a growing demand for something besides the traditional precious stone and, for many reasons, one of the strongest prospects is the sky-blue.
The purchase price is Right
Even if price isn't just top of mind, it feels right to keep one eye at the bottom line if you can do so without having to sacrifice a lot. And you can. Depending on color and clarity, A 2.5 carat precious stone may easily sell for $25, 000. By simply contrast, a similarly measured stunning white sapphire for custom made engagement ring sells for between $2, 500 and $3, 1000. True, the sapphire refuses to take quite the same damage as a precious stone and is somewhat more vulnerable to scratching. But is actually still hard and high quality, and with a price difference of 20 or so grand, you could pay for a few substitutions and still scratch that itch to save for your future.
The Decision is clear
Lowering costs is great, but who wants to accept second best in custom made engagement wedding rings when it comes time to pop the question? With white sapphires, you don't have to. Likely to get a dazzlingly clear, clean stone with a subtle hint of black or purple to offer it that natural, extraordinary look that she'll always value. You may even switch a few heads at another party when the precious stone oglers start looking around for something extremely different.
If it is good enough for Diana...
Okay, so you don't want to be a copycat when it comes to custom engagement rings. But if you're buying a role model to point you in the right direction, you could do a whole lot worse than a queen. Well before diamonds were in vogue, sapphires were the substance of preference for the royal family. Even more recently, Diana and succeeding princesses have worn unknown sapphires surrounded by expensive diamonds in their royal ring.
Although you may don't travel by horse-drawn carriage, you can still have a fairy tale engagement and indulge in the best of both worlds: The traditions and romance of shower like a princess with the look and feel of today's modern diamonds.
Hazardous Material
Of course, with less expensive precious stone alternatives, you get what you pay for. To get example, moissanite is a man made substitute for diamond ring that can be used in custom made diamond rings. While it features the same hardness and sparkle, it has a yellowish tinge which gives it the appearance of a low color, second rate diamond. And clearly your future fiance is not about to decide for plan B. Following all, they chose you, didn't they?
Put it to use to lose it
If the notion of acquiring something so you can make around and lose it seems weird, you've never tried cu zirconia, and maybe really as well. Suffice it to say that it's cheap for a reason, and is best worn on vacation when you may want to risk the loss of most of your involvement ring. Don't even think about giving it as a surprise to your better half though. If you do, the ring definitely won't be the only thing the lady leaves on the beach.
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