Cannaweddings: The Latest Trend This Wedding Season.

2 years ago
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Cannabis has mysteriously made its way into so many different industries since the legalization movement has begun. The kinds of products that have become available since the legalization of cannabis are varied, and the latest one is equally as surprising. The very first Cannabis Wedding Expo took place in February 2016 in Denver, USA and there will be another expo in 2017. That's right—now you can take your wedding vows with cannabis.

In reality, this is a wonderful solution to those cannabis enthusiasts who are about to get married. The wedding industry will now have avenues for couples looking to tie the knot to celebrate their day with their favourite flowers. This is also a wonderful alternative to those couples and families out there who prefer to use cannabis as an intoxicant over alcohol. It also means that guests who prefer to use cannabis are well-accommodated.

Why not include something that is a part of almost every party?

Well, the argument is that cannabis is present at almost every party nowadays, and in fact this has been true of the past, also. There is no reason why cannabis should be excluded from nuptial celebrations, especially with it becoming more and more accepted by society. 

The idea for the first Cannabis Wedding Expo began with Bec Koop, the owner of Cannabis Concierge Events, together with Philip Wolf, who founded Cultivating Spirits. They came together to end the stigma of marijuana and to invite it into one of the most profitable social industries. 

This opportunity means that each table at the wedding won't be completely covered in wine, but that there also might be a little bit of marijuana on the table for sharing too. Up until now, people have had to sneak away from the main festivities to use marijuana in the car park or around the corner. This innovation in the wedding industry invites all kinds of people to the wedding, without having to sneak away!

What will be at the next Cannawedding Expo?

The expo will exhibit far more than just some strains to put on the table for the guests to use. There will be products ranging from cannabis bouquets to cannabis cuisine. The idea is to cover as many bases as possible that are included in organising a wedding, and finding a way to incorporate cannabis. People can choose whether they want to incorporate cannabis in a subtle way or in an extravagant way. 

So, brides will be able to choose from bouquets that include cannabis flowers, as well as veils that are decorated with cannabis. The expo will include a range of different options for including cannabis in the cuisine, whether it is for the main course or for dessert. There will also be ways to decorate the wedding with cannabis, for guests to use cannabis through vaporizers or water pipes, and even wedding cakes that are made with a cannabis recipe. 

Couples will have the opportunity to incorporate as little as one of these pleasures into their wedding, or all of them if they are extreme enthusiasts. "We're finding the right vendors and venues and people who are at least open-minded to cannabis and finding the ways that people are allowed to incorporate it and enjoy it—ice bongs, vape stations, bud bars, preloaded bowls, joints, whatever circumstances may be," Bec Koop said in an interview with the Cannabist.

Innovations in the wedding industry

The wedding industry is such a profitable market in almost every country in the world. People are always looking for ways to make their wedding more original and a better party. Most importantly, people are willing to spend money to make their day the most special one of their lives. 

This initiative is not even just targeted towards those couples that are cannabis enthusiasts themselves. This is an avenue for couples to be friendlier towards their guests who are cannabis enthusiasts. It definitely makes for a better party when everyone is catered to, considered, and can be included in the celebration.

Since the cannabis industry has begun to boom, there have been numerous companies suggesting the introduction of cannabis into weddings. An entirely new market has been created within the wedding market to cater to what is becoming a huge audience, especially since most cannabis users aren’t exactly the stereotypical pot smoker anymore.

It's clear that this introduction of cannabis into the wedding industry is also another statement from the cannabis industry itself. In the process of it being legalized, it is endearing for new customers and old ones alike. Cannabis has found a way to make itself a multi-million dollar industry by slithering its way into all of the other industries. This expo and this initiative are an attempt for the cannabis industry to be proud and to be included, and the way to do this is to appease the people. 

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