Campaign,Confused,So Very Confused?

5 years ago

I am just gonna ramble today.  I read a blog post a few days ago about how lucky Mitt Romney is.  He is filthy rich and pays no taxes.  My husband happens to be a CPA, actually owns an Accounting firm. So,I asked him a few questions. STUPID. STUPID.STUPID.  I got way too many details. I love him,it thrills me that he LOVES what he does but my head hurt after his quick tutorial. HEAD HURT!!

I don’t want to make your head hurt too!

Althoug, it was helpful.  The writer did mix her information a bit.  She kind of compared apples to oranges.  See, Mitt Romney has capital gain income,selling stocks,property,etc.. (you don’t work for it type of income) AND  Most of us, not all of us have EARNED INCOME, which is Wages, on our tax return. Well, this RIGHT OFF THE BAT sets up an entirely different way of being TAXED.  Oh, and by the way, the writer insinuated Mitt Romney cheated. He did NOT!

Anyway, BUSINESS owners do get some TAX breaks IN ORDER TO KEEP THEIR BUSINESSES IN THE UNITED STATES and EMPLOY AMERICANS. In addition the TAX BREAKS help them  grow their business,yes, some of the business owners are wealthy and some give back. For example, Mitt Romney gave over 4 million in charity. The blogger never mentioned his charitable contributions,hmmm? Now,Yes, he made 20 million BUT no one said he had to give a dime to charity! He gave more than a dime.  He gave over 4 million!

By the way EVERY business owner gets the same TAX break, there are WEALTHY DEMOCRAT BUSINESS OWNERS getting the exact same TAX benefit.

BUT, don’t forget the POOR get tax benefits on their EARNED INCOME, some don’t even pay a penny, NOT A PENNY, matter of fact they get money back.  Yep, they get money from the GOVERNMENT FOR BEING POOR! (not that you want to be poor)

Us, in the middle, we get a mix.  We pay on our EARNED INCOME but we have our tax breaks too, some of us get childcare (lower bracket), some itemize.  In the end, we use whatever tax breaks are available in our level.  We don’t say, “Hey, you know, I make pretty good money, and I am doing alright, so let me pay my full amount so MY GOVERNMENT CAN HAVE MORE?”   Wait, I should ask,Do you?  Do you turn down a tax break? Please Raise your hand if you give The UNITED STATES of AMERICA more in taxes because you are living comfortable?  I would love to know if You choose to donate to the GOVERNMENT by paying MORE in taxes by REFUSING A TAX BREAK?

Listen,I get it.  You are pissed.  Mitt Romney made 20 million dollars and paid over 3 million dollars in taxes!  Did you read that?  He paid over 3 million dollars in taxes? But, YOU WANTED HIM TO PAY MORE, LIKE 6 million, right?  Because? C’mon be honest, give your honest to goodness reason!

The real reason, Americans begrudge him his 20 million and they  JUST want 6 million!

Yep, You got it! We all are greedy!!

He gave over 4 million in charity.  Now, If you up his taxes I bet he will cut his charity?? C’mon, we all do it, even the rich!

Out of 20 million dollars the man gave over 3 million to the government and over 4 million to Charity.  AND,He didn’t HAVE TO GIVE any of the 4 million to charity,Just sayin.

In the end, I am not saying he is the man for the job.  I am just OVER the entire he makes a shitload of money and doesn’t pay taxes.  He does pay taxes, over 3 million, in taxes!  And seriously,  I want to know what American would say, “Hey, please TAX ME MORE,PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE”  And, I am over hearing the poor pay more.  Seriously, many of the poor pay NONE or GET MONEY BACK! 

Oh, and yes, the ultimate, it is the Percentage game.  If I pay 35% in taxes Mitt Romney should too? You are not comparing correctly.  Mitt Romney paid his correct taxes like everyone in his bracket.  Within our laws!!  Here is the deal, if Mitt Romney had 20 million in EARNED INCOME then he would pay the EARNED INCOME bracket.   Mitt Romney followed the TAX LAWS of the United States of America. 

It isn’t FAIR to tax the same on people willing to take chances, invest, carry burdens that others will not.  My husband is a small business owner, he employs people but if he has no incentive to do so then he won’t.  Everyone thinks it is great to be the owner until it all goes belly up!  My husband gets paid last, he skips a check while all his employees get paid.  The risk of the business is all on him, not his employees, so yes, there is a reason the Government gives him an incentive to take those risks and employee!

Americans better be careful what they WISH FOR.  If they start INSISTING that all BUSINESS OWNERS stop getting TAX BREAKS our businesses will FLEE.  Americans already CRY that they are losing their jobs to overseas locations SO BE VERY VERY CAREFUL what you wish for!

It is funny, Americans love our wealthy sports players.  They think nothing of an Actor making 15 million dollars a picture, what the hell? Americans get giddy if a Real Housewives’ star makes 120 million on her Skinny Girl cocktail with Jim Bean.  Hell, none of those people EMPLOY people, they are not business owners! But AMERICANS cannot stand the WEALTHY BUSINESS OWNER.  The person that EMPLOYS people.  The person that has a BUSINESS in AMERICA??? AND Americans truly despise a wealthy politician!  These things baffle me?

I am a little over all these CAREER politicians.  Maybe it is time for someone who has shown success in another arena to maybe step in and see if they could turn our Country around?  I don’t know, I ask myself has my life improved in the last three years?  OK, I will give Obama a break, in the last two years?  Nope, it really hasn’t.  Do I see him changing strategy?  Nope. Yeah, I think I am a little worried. I am sure Mitt Romney is the guy? I don’t know?  Yet, I ask myself why would you stick with someone who has had a chance and things are WORSE and HE is sticking with the SAME PROGRAM, hm??? Doesn’t that make me STUPID??? Just thinking out loud right now, mulling things over!

And, this new generation of voters are funny.  They are kids that have been brought up with the coddling parents and that is a good thing for OBAMA.  These young voters have the mentality of “Well, he is trying and doing his very very best, giving an effort! Oh and he isn’t rich or at least as rich as Romney”  This does make me laugh AND it is how they were brought up,  “A for effort and give him a second chance!”  I do hope that second chance gets food in peoples mouths!!!

Yeah, I opened a can of worms today, ramble away!!!!

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