The Business of Blogging: Why Do You Blog?

6 years ago
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We now know and are very sure that combining in person relationship building with web, online and social media relationship building is the best way to secure your reputation, authority and reach.

Blending the two worlds we now live, work and play in is not only essential but just plain smart.

IBM surveyed 1,700 CMOs, who admitted that creating an emotional connection with their customers has become one of their top priorities. They reported that that as much as enhancing their brand’s PR, they need to leverage people’s emotions as well. 

Blogging has become one of the most effective platforms to use to do that.

The 2011 State of The Blogosphere report from Technorati, used a different approach for this survey and reported their findings according to the 5 types of bloggers. What type of blogger someone is greatly influences why they blog and how they choose to promote and market themselves.

Whatever your type or motivation for blogging is, your professional, committed, serious and consistent approach is the best practice for building loyal followers, raving fans, consistent revenue and brand influence.

What kind of blogger are you and why do you blog?

Hobby Bloggers Keep it Real
Hobby Bloggers are the backbone and largest group of the blogosphere representing 60%. They blog for fun and don’t do it for the money. Hobbyists reported they prefer to express their “personal musings” when blogging and their main success metric is personal satisfaction (61%).  According to Linda Dessau of , hobby bloggers are motivated by freeing their passion, keeping it real and delighting in the day! offers over 120 blog examples from coins, stamps, and guns to travel, rails and food.

Professional Bloggers Aim is to Profit
This group represents about 18% and uses blogging as a way to supplement their income or as their full time job. They write mostly about the latest technology and how to use it and leverage it for business success. Matt Ryan talks about his passion for being a professional blogger and The Challenges Facing Professional Bloggers that he faces as someone just starting out in this group. Darren Rowse is a top resource for the best practices for professional bloggers. 

Corporate Bloggers Share Expertise and Build Influence
Corporate bloggers make up 8% of the blogosphere. They blog as part of their full-time job or blog full-time for a company or organization they work for. They primarily talk about technology and business in their blogs and share expertise to gain professional recognition, and attract new clients. They find that blogging has given them greater visibility in their industry (64%) and company (63%) and they use their number of unique visitors to measure success.  Here is 2011’s Top 10 Corporate Blogs in The World from Mark W Schaefer at  This mix of industries and categories demonstrates how delivering timely, useful content builds and serves a  corporate blog community.

Entrepreneur Bloggers Attract New Clients
Start ups, individuals and entrepreneurs make up 13% of the blogosphere and blog usually for a company or organization they own. 84% of these bloggers blog primarily about the industry they work in. They primarily blog to share expertise, gain professional recognition, and attract new clients for their business. Here are the Top 25 blogs on Technorati, where you can see how the best of today’s entrepreneurs present themselves.

Regardless of what kind of blogger you are and why you blog, your brand and branding are the key to building your tribe and community.

Ask yourself and answer these key brand questions.

  • Is your brand clear and defined?
  • What do you do and whom do you serve?
  •  What is your core niche?
  • Are you laser focused on marketing to your niche?

What are your key branding activities?

  • Is your plan and approach to marketing yourself and your blog current, realistic and working?
  • Are you getting out in person enough?
  • Are you unifying your overall marketing and sales message and visuals?
  • Are you integrating your blog with your email marketing and social media?
  • Is your website and blog presentation fresh and relevant?

Three things that can make a big difference no matter what kind of blogger you are.

Always be relevant and on the leading edge of trends in your field.

Be accessible and DON’T hide behind your blog. Get out in front of it. Share your personality and the essence of why you blog in the first place.

Credit Image: ShashiBellamkonda via Flickr

In Part 2 we will cover:
How Integrated Marketing Enhances Your Professionalism

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