Bungalow Colony Wars

4 years ago

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This memory was triggered recently and thought I’d share…

The year was 1970something. A ramshackle bungalow colony named “Greenview” in Spring Glen, NY was the summer getaway for a cluster of cousins coming up from points south. The colony was on it’s last legs. The pool water had a dirty greenish tint and the paint was peeling on every bungalow.

We did have some good times at that dying colony. It was nearly 40 years ago, but I remember the ice cream truck being a highlight of the day. I recall saving at least one frog from that pool. And hikes up the mountain with Bubbie, who wasn’t my bubbie but everyone called her that. We shot pool at the local arcade and went to The Homowack for pinball and bowling. That’s about all there was to Spring Glen, apart from the general store and post office.

Oh yeah, there were the other bungalow colonies.

One night we got word that “Rosenblum’s” was coming to beat us up. If I recall correctly, it was just a girl named Tammy and maybe her demonic brother Keith. We didn’t know them. Tammy was just somewhat of a bully and she happened to get bored one day so she thought she would threaten us. Well, my older cousin Lisa (she was already a teen!) rose to the challenge and scared Tammy off.

Yeah, that was the big rumble. A substantial drama in the life of us 10ish year olds.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the following summer Greenview finally shuttered its doors. And can you guess where we ended up? Yep, Rosenblum’s. It was a much nicer colony that’s still in existence today. Turns out Tammy wasn’t so bad after all. The first time I hung out with her in her bungalow, she smoked a cigarette and then her mom walked in, smelled it and started to question ME about her daughter’s habit. I wanted to die, but I didn’t crack. Before her mom walked in, she told me about her boyfriend “Toughie” and we bonded over…nah, we didn’t really bond, but she didn’t beat me up, which was cool.

Her brother Keith was totally nuts, but kind of cute. He’s probably in jail now.

*Names have not been changed to protect the bullies. If these people read this, I’m so dead.

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