The Buffoon!

6 years ago

Over the holiday season my mother dragged me to every mall and outlet store within the city limits of Edmonton. It was busy, over-crowded, and I felt the energy being sucked from me under the neon mall  lights.  My mother on the other hand was a deal hunting matriarch on the loose and there was no stopping her.

As, we stepped out of the Gap, I was  tired and beginning to wonder when are we going to get out of this place? I heard apish sounds from behind, I paused for a moment, and wondered was this buffoon speaking to me?

I assessed the  buffoon, out of his natural habit, as he clomped past us with his girlfriend pushing a little toddler in the stroller.

He exclaimed, “Watch where you going! You Dumb Bitch!”

I paused for a moment, “Excuse me!”

“Yes! You! You F*!kin’ Bitch!”

My ears went red, I looked at his girlfriend, the stroller, as he trudged by, I exclaimed, ” Watch your language! Watch how you speak in front of your child!”

His girlfriend looked at me, looked at her boyfriend, and exclaimed “Did she just tell us how to speak in front of our child?” And as she said this - visibly upset, she smartly disappeared into the crowd. Obvious, that she wanted no part of what the unpredictable buffoon would do next…

The buffoon then charged towards me. I panicked, began to assess the situation (not a mall cop in sight), and saw my sixty-seven year old mother ready as back up, clutching her heavy purse, ready to clobber him over the head.

He exclaimed, “What did you just f*!kin’ say to me!”

I said, “Your acting like a Moron! And you should watch your language around your child.”

I stared him down, my ears were flaming red, I felt my hands shaking, never have experienced such ignorance! Especially, from a complete stranger in a shopping mall!

Once again, the buffoon exclaimed, “Dumb F*!kin’ Bitch! Don’t tell me how to speak in front my child!”

“You should lead by example and right now your acting like a moron!”

On that he turned on his heels, to catch-up his girlfriend, swearing a blue streak a mile high. I  looked at mother “Did that just happen? I can’t believe he has a child?”

My mom looked at me and replied, “I know dear!  What a buffoon! Don’t worry if he comes back I’ll clip him in the ear!”

It was nice to know my Mom still had some spunk left in her ready to kick this  buffoons ass!

 I also know the moment he began swearing at me, I felt rage, anger, and judging. I judged him, his girlfriend, and wondered what type of life would they provide for this child? We as parents are role models for our children, and should be teaching them important values such as courtesy, respect, and kindness to strangers. If we don’t who will?

If he has the ability to swear at a complete stranger with no rational thought than what ability does he have to raise this child? So, yes, the moment the buffoon began his tirade –  I  judged him.

I realize I didn’t handle this situation with tact or grace. I felt anger, resentment, and bitterness. But I wonder could I have handled this differently, and if so how do you deal with a buffoon? Any suggestions.

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