Budget Backpacking in the North of England

2 months ago
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Although London is one of the most iconic cities in the world, it isn’t all that England has to offer. England is a beautiful country full of lakes, mountains and castles and they’re all lifetime memories to keep. Whilst backpacking in England, London may seem like the only place you need to see, but it’s also known for not being budget-friendly, so why not try the rest of the country in all its glory. You could even do a couple days of both touring London and then the north of England, one of the great things about England’s size is that everywhere is only a few hours away on the train. Here are a few famous English landmarks for you to visit if you decide to venture outside of London. 

The Lake District

Over the years, the lake district has been an iconic hub for inspiration, Poet William Wordsworth, Author Arthur Ransome and writer Beatrix Potter have all said they have been enriched creatively by this area and all its scenic views. If you’re the creative type going to the lakes and hills should be on the top of your list. Most of the area is free to roam, but if you’re on a tight budget be wary of where you choose to sleep and eat. The area is famous in England people do travel here for a day of relaxation, which does attract higher prices in some places, but they are usually costlier because of the views they offer. 


The Hill Top is a famous area to visit whilst staying in the lake district, it is the home to author Beatrix Potter who is famously known for her illustrated books that share the same scenery. Visiting her home only costs £10 and is guaranteed to give you a warm feeling inside if you’re a fan of her work. 


It is debatable, but Yorkshire is said to be the most English place in the country, full of beautiful scenery and friendly locals you’ll probably want to move here once you’re finished. If your able to drive to the heart of the land known as York, you might be lucky enough to drive closer to the clouds then you’ve ever seen, as most of the roads leading toward York are in the highlands. York itself is an amazing place to visit, it offers a truly British experience with its cobbled roads, British pubs and even a castle! York is worth a visit because it has kept up its medieval buildings and even has and medieval street located in the centre.

There are plenty of places to view in York on a budget and its never overly busy, so it’s a relaxing experience, unlike London. Try viewing the York Minster, castle city walls, Rievaulx Abbey or some of the museums there all amazing and you should be able to fit them all into one day.  



If you are wanting the city experience but can’t afford the likes of London, Manchester is a perfect choice. Manchester, it ideal for anyone on a budget or wanting to splash out, the northern quarter offers an alternative flavour of shops, restaurants and bars to explore at affordable prices. But, if you wanting to have an English shopping experience, try visiting Manchester Arndale, the country’s largest inner-city shopping centre will defiantly be a highlight of your travels. The city also offers a unique set of buildings to wander around and see, that usually have a museum or two around the corner. 

So that’s the north! But I’ve only mentioned a few highlights of my trip whilst travelling, the north comes packed with everything you need for a perfect trip and is around half the price of London. So, focus on getting some cheap flights and accommodation and you’ll be sure to stay in budget. If you intend on staying for a while there are plenty of jobs to consider whilst being in England. I kept my trip within my means by assisting an immigration company by helping travellers find placements and complete life in the UK tests that benefit their applications. I’d honestly say I enjoyed the verity of the north over my time down south but everyone’s different, try both!