Buddha's Teachings for Women

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Sita is the Hindu goddess personifying loving submission to the masculine, the divine, and life itself. The stolen and then abandoned wife; she stands for love and suffering, the same way Mary does for Christians. I am sure we all know a female relative with the same qualities. Somehow, as women, we have all nurtured or suffered from these “inherited” traits.

Times have changed. We have changed. As women we are beginning to realize, accept, and embrace our mission, going pass the radical feminism of the 60’s  and the her vs. him obsolete wars. From a wise man, we can learn a lot about what we must do as women to transform our lives and that of those around us.

  1. Look at you: You are perfect just the way you are.
  2. Clear your vision: Everything is perfect if looked through the eyes of what you need instead of what you want.
  3. Change your thoughts: Happiness is a state of mind. Your joy is not dependent on anyone else’s. Create it, feel it, and express it.
  4. Start fresh: Every morning you are granted with a new opportunity to carve your dreams and make them real. Hold on tight to every possibility. 
  5. Release: No matter what you are going through, release the anger, frustration, and resentments that have been holding you back. It is in releasing that we free ourselves from a past that doesn’t belong to us anymore. Remove everything and everyone you don’t need. Get rid of any excessive baggage. Hang a big sign: If not bringing anything positive, please stay outside. 
  6. Be thankful: Because a grateful heart is the beginning of every path. Be thankful that is over. Be thankful for those who fought your fight in times past clearing and easing the way you are now traveling. Be thankful for each and every one of your experiences, good and bad, because they have prepared you to become the woman you are.
  7. Embrace: Make every day a positive challenge. Challenge yourself to follow your passion, to listen to your intuition, to learn more, and do more of what makes you feel your best.

So Buddha wasn’t completely in favor of women entering Buddhism, However, he admitted that: “Women, having gone forth are able to realize the fruit of attainment, the fruit of returning, or the fruit of not returning.” Raised our case.

In the end, it is a matter of being fully engaged with all of life affairs, to step in when the doors are opened, to realize, like the Buddha did, that we have come a long way. This is our time to be born again, what I call in simple terms being totally present and joyfully alive in the world.


Norma Casas


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