Life can knock you down….It can punch you in the stomach….Sometimes a person can simply feel hopeless or exhausted from all that life has thrown at them…..Sometimes they simply feel like giving up……DON’T…….Don’t give up……

When life knocks you down as it does periodically to most if not all people…..One simply has to regroup and pick themselves back up off the ground….Sometimes one feels emotionally bruised and battered from events that may have taken place in their lives…..And yet, the option is to lay there and give up….or to get back up on their feet and keep on going regardless….

Sometimes in life one has to simply put one foot in front of the other……Sometimes the future is cloudy at best and one cannot see more than a inch in front of them so to speak….So instead of taking it a foot at a time….they take it an inch at the time…..moving forward ever so slowly and even sometimes an inch or two backwards……The key is to keep moving…..forward if possible…

There are moments in life that can seem overwhelming….can even seem hopefulness…..and yet as long as one is alive and breathing there is always hope……and there is always a right door to walk through even when one doesn’t see a right door…The key is to avoid the wrong doors to enter during a storm when trying to take cover..Sometimes in life a person simply has to stumble around in the dark till they find the light switch in life…..and then the lights go on…..

Most people have had circumstances they simply felt that were out of their control…..Most people have had those moments they didn’t know which way to turn…..Many people have had hopefuless moments……It is often in those hopeless moments that we become our strongest….That we turn our weakness into our strengths going forwards….That we begin to believe in ourselves and who we are……

When one is going through most difficult moments if they give it time they adapt even when the situations don’t change…..As people we have an inborn trait of adaptation……Adaptation is a very blessed trait to have…the gift of adaptation……

When life turns upside down….don’t give up….Simply learn to “stand on your head” till life right sides up again…..Find positive ways to keep on going……Everyone has faced a “darkest hour” if they have lived long enough…..As the saying goes…..The darker the night the brighter the tomorrow……and one must hold on to that hope….When you feel like giving up…..Don’t….Instead Keep on going……till you find the light switch and then the lights will go back on…



Yes, there are many things in life we can control…..We do control our decisions and how we will handle events in life…..We have that choice how we respond….And yet, we cannot control all the events that come towards us in life…..Sometimes even the very best laid plans in life can get mixed up or even ruined…..Sometimes in life we can’t do more than simply “let go and let God….”

I have always believed that when we truly have done the very best we could……that is when we have to turn it over….to GOD……There are simply things in life that we truly have done everything we could…..and can do no more…….I believe that is when we LET GO AND LET GOD…..There comes a peace with letting go….knowing that it is in the hands of someone far greater than us…..

It is sometimes hard to let go of something….For most it does not come easy….and yet, even the wise realize that not all problems can be solved alone by us…..There are times that it simply takes someone far more powerful to bring a calm to the storm……

Learning to Let Go and Let God is a process…..and a process that I too have known well more than one time in my life…..




BROKEN......THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DISRUPTIONS and STORMS….Warning Signs….Getting Through a Storm…

I got to thinking this morning about the difference between DISRUPTIONS and STORMS……That there are similarities and yet both are very different from the other and for different purposes…..We are talking about Life’s Disruptions and Life’s Storms…….Both are very much like real storms or bad weather…..

Disruptions in my opinion are like warning signs in our lives….To slow us down to see what we are missing….What are we not seeing….The disruptions enter our lives to stir us up enough to not go blindfolded in life….To look at what is going on in our lives….To see what we have been missing and need to pay attention to….Sort of like a car that is “shimming” or difficult to start….It is a sign that something is out of kilter even though it runs, it may not run for long if we don’t do something about it…..Perhaps it is time to take it to a mechanic… to speak….Disruptions are often warning signs….

Storms are different….There are many reasons for storms….and not all ones we are responsible for….but some are….Storms in my opinion can be a build up over time when we did not heed to the disruptions…Somehow we went along our  “merry way” ignoring disruptions (warning signs) till all of a sudden the buildup turned into something major that will take a lot more than a quick fix…..Storms come to shake things out that should not have been in our lives for one reason or another. They come to tell us we simply did not pay attention to the smaller warning signs and now we must deal with it to get through it….A storm can be a journey in itself….

Disruptions dealt with and looked at closely can lead us to fixing things or avoiding things by making different decisions than we have been making……Disruptions are simply telling us something is not working right in some area of our lives and needs to be looked at and corrected so it doesn’t turn into something bigger.

Storms simply require us to go the long haul to get through them….Often during a storm we can no longer see clearly and it is like being out in a car driving and caught up in the middle of one….Normally one can take cover during the storms of life (especially the ones they did not create) when they have a life house that is built upon a solid foundation and a “storm callar” for safety…..When we didn’t look up at the stormy clouds and we got in our life car anyhow and begin to drive down a road in a car that was “shimming” to begin with….we can drive right into the storm…and our car can become broken while in the middle of that storm...

Storms require us to navigate and think smart…..there are things in a tornado that are flying around in the air all around us circulating and can whack us good….So we have to do our very best at keeping our car on the road and heading through the storm back to safety and eventually to peace and calm in our lives…..but while going through the storm it requires quick and smart thinking and lots of prayer and faith to get through it all in “one piece…”

When we have survived a storm often everything looks different…..Much of what was in our lives before was “leveled” to the point we simply know we have to start fresh and start over…The things that are left we sometimes rebuild with or change a bit…Perhaps our life house was built on a shaky foundation to begin with and when the storm came it simply blew much of it away….Perhaps our life car was so out of line that it totally broke down when the storm came and we simply had to “ride” the storm out till it passed over us entirely…..Perhaps we never built a storm shelter in life to protect us when a storm we played no part in creating happened and so in turn we had to endure a storm we did not create but passed through…..shaking out a lot from our life that was good (that we didn’t protect) or shaking out a lot that should have been shaken out….

Storms are difficult. They are never pleasant…..The key is to not ignore the warning signs. If one did ignore warning signs and in a full blown storm it is simply important to hold tight, take cover if possible, and simply take it one step at a time even when you can’t see what is ahead….knowing you will get through life’s storms but you have to often be smart and decisive to get through it…..

Life is not all about storms….Life is also about sunshine and great things…..No one likes a storm…but one should be prepared for them if and when they enter their lives…….Getting through a storm requires one to hold on to positive thoughts, determination, perseverance, and a belief that with God’s Divine Hand will make it through to take the lessons learned and build a wonderful and new beginning….



There are simply things that happen in life to good people that they did not ask for in life…..These people did everything right and built their lives on solid foundations while making right decisions in every area they can think of…..and yet What happens when bad things happen to good people….

In my opinion often when one is doing everything right and something happens in life we didn’t want or ask for we simply may never understand why it happened….Some things are simply not for our understanding. Our minds are not big enough to put it all together and never will….Yet, there are things in life that we can understand….even if it is not till a little later……Sometimes things happen to good people to move them out of where they are into something better……Somethings happen to good people simply to bring them closer to faith in God…Somethings happen to make us better people…..Somethings happen to create a new energy and get us going again in life when we got too complacent and comfortable and were no longer growing…Often good people believe everything is good and don’t see the bad that is around them ignoring it in some way. And then Somethings happen we will never ever understand…..and should not try to.

Yes, there are things we will never understand….Things that perhaps we don’t even want to understand…..but have no choice but to accept what has changed in one’s life……Good people are not immune from bad things happening…..We would like to think that good people only get good things but that is not the way it is……

Good people are ahead of the “game” though….and when a good person is doing everything right it is far more likely they will avoid many of the life storms while staying alert to them…..Smart good people stay alert in life….knowing much of what is not good can be avoided by making the right decisions….but not all things can we know….Good people simply do their best at navigating through life and making great decisions but they should always pay attention to what life is telling them….in hopes to avoid what they do not want tin their lives…



Life is about decisions…..We are making decisions all the time even when we don’t realize it……Decisions totally shape our lives….We take where we are with what we have in life and decide what we are going to do with it or make from it. Some people build castles while others build swamps…They have the same materials but both choose to create something different….

Often in life we simply want to take what we have that is good and make something new out of it….Molding clay so to speak…..And we can….A person can take right where they are at and make all new decisions….Decisions create our future and we can often create a different future than the one we have been living by making different and new decisions that are right for our lives…

We don’t always see right up front the results of our decisions….New decisions that are right made one right after the other can take time….but the results will begin to show….It is often like someone trying to lose weight….In the beginning it seems overwhelming and that one will never “get there…” In the beginning one often cannot even tell they have lost any weight….but staying making the same right decisions day in and day out they ultimately begin to see the results….

Making new fresh right decisions for one’s life can be one of the very best things one can do to create a new wonderful life of their dreams…

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