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4 years ago

Hello and welcome to the first posting of the BrightSide Blog.  This blog is a day-to-day emotional cleansing through the lives of dogs at a local shelter.  

This blog is not about dogs nor abuse or for the most part anything negative.  It IS about the human spirit and how we can see the best in humankind through the dogs at local shelter.

Are you one of those people that have said or say "I could never volunteer at a shelter because I would just want to bring all the dogs or cats home."?  If so, then I hope to change your perception of what a good shelter can be and the beauty that a good shelter can offer.

As humans we have found and developed a special bond with canines.  Regardless of most of our actions as humans we cannot break a canine's desire and focus to be loyal, loved and dependent on humans.  It is what makes dogs facsinating to me.  

This blog seeks to dispel the common perception that shelters are depressing or bad places.  A good shelter can be a place of joy, laughter, bonding and all the positive human emotions that we enjoy and like to believe our canine pals also enjoy.

Occassionally shelters are gifted with a terrible story of abuse and neglect.  I say gifted because a good shelter will find a way to take this animal that has seen the worst in mankind and provide it love, hope, compassion, care and joy that is what makes us as humans a wonderful species.   

I hope this blog never depresses the reader and always inspires the reader to remember the beauty that we all have and that we share with dogs.  

As the first post, I will give a brief example of the joy and happiness that comes from a shelter.

Meet Frazier.  Frazier is a Corgi-Basset-Chow- You name it breed of dog.  Frazier has been brought to the shelter after witnessing a domestic violence attack, after which Frazier attacked the male perpetrator (and therefore was returned).   And yet Frazier's story is a lovely one.  

After being returned to the shelter for a reason that was not Frazier's fault, Frazier sat at the shelter unadopted for several months.  What a good shelter does in this case is provide daily human bonding time and keeps the dog emotionally engaged with a human and provides the dog good shelter, food, love and emotional and mental stimulation.  Frazier at the shelter was receving all of this.  Now, is this a positive story so far?  My answer is yes.  Frazier has almost everything a dog could want, the only thing missing is a permanent human companion.  Words do not do justice to Frazier's character.  Frazier has the coolest dog personality I have ever met, he struts, he plays, he is arrogant, he is cocky, he is pushy, he knows what he wants and schemes to get it, but through all of that Frazier cannot hide that what he really really wants is to lay on a couch and cuddle with a human.  His arrogance is a false front that when you see under the facade it makes his arrogance the cutest darn thing you will ever see.  

So anyway... Frazier is sitting at the shelter, he is not suffering, he is getting great attention (the staff and volunteers LOVE him), but not getting adopted.  Then one day a family describes a kind of dog they are looking for and it is Frazier.  Frazier goes home with this family and the report after one night from his new home is:

"Frazier is a CHARACTER!  We love him, but have one major complaint that no one mentioned:  He likes to sleep in the middle of the bed, belly up, snoring like a chainsaw!!!  He wakes up happy with a tail wag and catch me if you can to get my toy attitude, so we can't be mad at him for his cute but less than comfortable sleeping pattern on our bed.  Thank you so much for giving us such a joy".

Now Frazier has gone from some bad homes to a shelter where he was loved and cared for (a positive) to a new home that is GOO GOO IN LOVE with him.

That is I see as walk through the shelter, dogs that are being provided a safe, loving environment that is conducive to them going to their new best friend for life. 

I will update this blog 1-2 times per week with stories of humans-dogs overcoming obstacles to realize all the wonderful emotions that humans can impart on dogs and be driven to by dogs.

Thanks for reading.

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