Breaking Dawn #NaBloPoMo

5 years ago


I admit it.  I'm going to the midnight showing of Twilight, Breaking Dawn.  (Yes, I am a bit ashamed to say so.  Well, not really.  But kinda.)



I will be in a room with a hundred or so giddy teenage girls and moms.  The girls will be shrieking and breathless.  The moms will be like me - trying hard to ignore the fact that we are no longer teenage girls, that we shouldn't be out this late at night, and that we probably should be reaching for a higher level of entertainment.

Yes, I will pay for this.  I will pay in the pocket for the ridiculous cost of tickets and snacks.  And I will pay for it in sleep deprivation tomorrow morning when I have to wake up only a few hours after going to sleep.  And then later I'll pay for it more when I have to have a girl scout meeting with even more screaming girls running around.  And then I'll pay for it just a bit more when I'm expected to take my children to the PTA fundraiser event late Friday night.  (By then I will surely look like one of the vampires myself.  Only I'll will be sucking latte's instead of blood.) Hell, I'm probably paying for now as you all surely think much less of me knowing that I watch movies where vampires sparkle.  (Yeah, that's lame, I know.)

I will have to force my itelligence and my feminism into a dark corner so that I can watch the movie.  Ignoring all the ways in which Bella is not at all who I hope most teenage girls aspire to be.  Turning a blind eye to how laughable it is that the parents in the movie are so completely not in touch with their daughter.  I'll have to look past all of the totally unhealthy relationships.  And horribly bad acting.

But I will enjoy, for those 2 hours, escaping to a little fantasy world - for that is the purpose of movies.  It will remind me of all the things I need to teach my daughters not to be.  It will make me thankful that while being pregnant has it's sucky moments, at least my babies never tried to kill me from the inside.  I will be thankful that although I didn't get to date a cute moody loyal-to-a-fault emo hipster in high scool, at least I didn't date want that wanted to suck my blood.  And might even enjoy a little eye candy.

And I will be a happy little twi-hard, just for the night.

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