3 Keys to a Brand That Stands Out

6 years ago

“You make a stand with your brand, when you put your stake in the space and build out your tribe and community”.

I am so excited to be starting a six part series here on Blogher on this bold and important topic because I am so passionate about this and feel it is not getting the priority it needs to have in entrepreneurship and small businesses.

This year I have spoken at and attended two major women’s conferences, including Blogher '11 and SparkandHustle that mobilized together amazing women to inspire them to really get serious about stepping up their mindset, skills and game to make a BIG difference in the success of what they are doing and writing about. Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico was our lunch keynote at Blogher '11 and talked about the 5 C’s: competency, confidence, communication skills, consistency and compass.

At both events a clear theme emerged that unless you take a more professional approach to your business as a branded entity then the success of building a tribe and community will probably stall. Is your why, what and how clear?

I have been building my entrepreneurial brand since 2007, after a major career shift out of a 23 year career in broadcast radio sales and management in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area. I started Train with Shane as a sales training company in February 2007 in Ft Myers Florida and have evolved myself and my brand into a national and international author, media host, speaker and business/career specialist. This takes a clear vision and a blueprint or process. It doesn’t happen overnight or by accident.

There are 3 things stand out brands have in common. These common themes will weave themselves through these topics and articles.
1) They are laser focused on who they are, what they do and whom they serve.
2) They differentiate themselves from their competition.
3) They build legacy through leadership and innovation in giving back and paying it forward.

There’s man-power, girl-power, flower-power, horse-power, higher-power, nuclear-power.
Now, there’s Brand Power! Are you building it? No matter what website, blog or social media site you go to in the marketing, business, advertising and sales space, branding and personal branding are going to come up! Must be important then right? YEP, It is, VERY.

If you really want to see how some of the most iconic and influential brands have built their
brand-power and legacy check out Rankingthebrands.com. Think about how these brands have built longevity and how they have affected you. It’s much more than liking and using their products and services. It’s what they do with all their power to make the world a better place for their employees, community and consumers.

“Don’t get tired of it, sick of it, bored with it or think that you are not one, because you are and it can and will make the difference in your personal, business and blogging success”.

We’ve gone from the dawning of the Age of Aquarius to the dawning of the age of Brand-Poweredness! This is nothing new, so why is this getting so much focus now? In today’s business world and landscape, the way we do business and communicate has changed dramatically and if you don’t have a strong, well defined, authentic, identifiable, relate-able and active brand today you will get gobbled up and swept away. You don’t have to be huge or national or on television every day, but you do need to establish your X, It, wow and be out there, serving, solving and yes selling your ideas, expertise, products and services.

I love the Shark Tank. Inspired passionate entrepreneurs with ideas on how to fill niches come to pitch themselves for the break of a lifetime! I saw Tiffany Krumins, Ava The Elephant on one episode last year present her prototype medicine dispenser get picked up by Barbara Corcoran and then I met her at Tory Johnson’s first Spark and Hustle in Atlanta in July of 2010. She is now in thousands of stores nationwide including CVS! Ava the Elephant is “brand-powered”.

I love the food channel’s Guy Fieri Diners, Drive-ins and Dives! He profiles little mom and pop stops, who have been in business for generations making some of the most delicious, unique dishes in their towns. Imagine after being on his show, people will make it a point to stop by and eat there if they are passing through! Be it burgers, meatloaf, hash browns or latkes, they are all “brand-powered” for the food they serve in the towns they live in!

How are you developing your brand-power? Stay with it, it will pay off, both short and long term.

Over the course of this series we will look at how we grow our brand, niche, tribe and community. I will cover these five topics as it relates to this.

Part 2-Your brand is you; your branding are the activities you use to engage in to stand out and get noticed.
Part 3-How are you leveraging your networking in the two worlds we live, work and play in: online and in-person?
Part 4-What is authenticity and how do you deliver yours?
Part 5-What are you doing to build your legacy through leadership?
Part 6-How to keep your brand organically growing and changing?

Coming up next.
 Part 2-Your brand is you, your branding are the activities you use to stand out and get noticed.

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