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If you opened the blog post to read it due to the headline, I just want to say Congrats, you are one of those! Yes, you are one of those gullible people who probably have fallen for fake news. ( or maybe you want just want to read it and see what is happening- there are some smart people out there who wish to be educated)

The way the democrats and the media are acting you would think Trump sold the Russians uranium.Just goes to show you how out of touch Congress and others are, they continue to do everything to sabotage Trump's agenda. The majority spoke by electing him to drain the swamp. Most Americans have eyes to see the corruption in our politicians, while the other side throws a blind eye to how corrupt the democrats and even the republicans are. The one thing you can say about the democrats is that they stand AND fight together while the GOP doesn't know how the hell to do this!

I have NEVER in my lifetime have I witnessed to see a President scrutinized over every tweet and every word. I am embarrassed to be an American reading post after post of people in government, fellow Americans, and of course the social media trolls, slander, insult, ridicule, and LIE about President Trump since he won. I am ashamed of the ruthless and hating people who seriously need their computers and devices removed from their possession over all the things that people have said just because they feel they can and should with NO evidence to back it up.

Every other President that has been elected has gotten the chance to JUST DO HIS JOB and not be dissected by every tweet or every word.

Shame on the media for promoting this – and shame on the democrats for their hypocrisy. They might as well be bathing in Windex, because you can see right them. Shame on the GOP for not standing firm. And shame on EVERY American who has taken the bait and believed every nook and cranny that has been fed to them.

It's always the people who preach “tolerance” who never do really have tolerance for others and their views because it doesn't fit their agenda. That's the funny thing about tolerant people. They're only tolerant when you agree with them.

I know this, the circus may no longer come to town, but at least we're guaranteed to always see some clowns in the media.


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