A Blonde and her Bitching

6 years ago
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Here I am again, after mid-night and yet I am not sleeping… Lord knows I want to be but with everything running through my mind I just can’t turn it off for the next few hours. So I said to myself while sitting in the dark, why not blog about it? I roll over and say to Steven (my wonderful boyfriend) where is the converter for the outlet? (Our bedroom has yet to be remodeled and we still only have the two prong outlets) Of course he doesn’t know mumbles to me something about it being near or in or on my night stand and then continues to gawk at the fact that the White Socks had a “perfect game” and he wasn’t there to witness it.

 After rummaging through my night stand I get excited because I find a bag of hard candy- my nerves has got me on a tight schedule of Zofran every 4 hours and I’m only at hour number 3 right now and although I want more… I can’t have it yet, so the next best thing is hard candy. (Cinnamon is my favorite.)

I finally find it… underneath the bed. I FOUND IT!!! I say in a deep voice to Steven while I’m still on all fours on the floor, like I am the captain of an awesome pirate ship that has spotted land. He calls me a freak then schools me on the fact that I should keep it down before the baby wakes up. Which she was already hard enough to put down I personally don’t want her up either. I’m kinda bummed that he isn’t as excited as I was that I found my lost treasure and now I can finally chronicle my crazy day. I climb back into bed, get underneath the covers and turn on the lap top…

Steven: SHHH!!!

Me: What?! I haven’t even said anything!!!

He points at the door towards our daughters room, I grab the remote and franticly try to press the mute button but for some reason it’s not working.

Steven: You can’t just wave the thing at the TV! Here give it to me….


Why is it at this point I get the giggles? I don’t want Addison to hear me and start crying because I know she wants to come into bed with mommy. She doesn’t feel good and when she doesn’t feel good she wants to cuddle. This by no means is a horrible thing, but I’ve dealt with enough of that for one day. Go to bed child…. Let mommy have mommy time!

Now Steven starts laughing, so here we are two adults giggling in bed but trying to be quite by holding our mouths (like that actually works). I felt like a child again, supposed to be sleeping but up having fun instead and trying to be quite before your parents heard you… This was totally ironic because my mother was deaf.

Any who, we lost, she starts talking, which for a tad second I was a proud mommy. Every time Addison wakes up in the morning or from a nap she usually just starts crying, so I have been explaining to her that mommy can hear her, she just needs to use her words. And here she was… using her words…

Unhappy words, whiney words but none the less words. So I close the lap top and get out of bed to go sooth her. Of course doing so only made everything worse…. Now she is in full blown crying mode because mommy won’t pick her up. So I tell her I love her and walk out the door… Boom… silence. I walk back into our room thinking I am the master mom but Steven has to rain on my parade….

Steven: Kinda weird she just stopped crying all of a sudden?

Me: She just knew I wasn’t going to give in. (I can feel my head swelling at this point)

A good 30 seconds go by and still silence…. Now I’m freaked out.

Me: What if something happened…

Steven: Nothing happened she just fell asleep.

Me: Not that quick, Oh my god what if she had a seizure or something. Or choked on her own spit.

Steven: You would have heard her… thrashing around or gargling.

Me: It could have been a silent seizure!!!!

Steven: There is no such thing, stay in bed.

Yea cause I can listen to him… So what if he is a Paramedic and a supervisor for a very large ambulance company. I was convinced this silence was no good!!!

So I creep into Addison’s door way and see her angel of a face… Staring right back at me….. MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY… Shit.


All that just because I wanted to blog… damn it. So now I’m finally snuggled in my bed, Steven is snoring next to me Addison is snoring across the hall and the cat it currently cutting off the circulation to my toes. Ahh bliss.

So the question remains, why the insomnia. I’ve been dealing with this dreadful monster for about a week now. I hate it… I am a lover of sleep. When I was a child I had insomnia, would stay up for days then once they put me on medicine I fell in love with sleep all over again. Now as an adult I have notice that my wonderful friend comes back when I am stressed… yea cause that’s right when I need to be up until the sun comes up, when something really important is about to happen the next day… great logic.

Tomorrow I go to the doctor to see what my blood results were from last week. I have had to go part time at work now because of my wonderful Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) and the doctor wanted to take some blood to see if they want to take me out of work for the rest of this pregnancy… (Please no).




This morning while I was trying to do my Pie Pop blog Addison decided she wanted to play catch with mommy… without letting mommy know beforehand. Well I guess she did let mommy know but .02 seconds before the ball hit my glass of lemonade… Of course I snapped because I was on like no sleep and I apologized to her and she said sowwy to me and then we proceeded to play catch until it was lunch time. Which can I just add she cried throughout lunch today. Now my child is a wonderful eater but she is currently going through a fun “yuck” phase. Which part of it is my fault… instead of the normal meat starch and vegetable meals I usually made I’ve become a bit more adventurous. Hell if I am just going to throw it up anyways, why not let it be something amazing! But lunch was different… it was normal!! Ham and provolone on wheat... I even gave her a handful of potato chips!!! She wouldn’t budge, took a chip in her mouth while still crying and then spit it out and said YUCK. What the fuck? I thought to myself. Where has my child gone and who replaced her with this little devil? Then I seen it… the runny nose…


Don’t get sick, not now. Great.

So she skipped lunch and went right up for a nap… Kill this cold with some sleep my child. I even spoiled her and let her lay in our bed for her nap.

20 minutes went by… silence. Great I will work on the blog. CRYING!

Ugh WTF.

So I go upstairs and in the cutest most adorable voice she says to me in between sniffles….

Mommy SNIFF lay with me SNIFF Peeze SNIFF SNIFF

*Heart melts*

So my next hour or so consists of lying in my bed with a sweaty toddler who will not even let me lay comfortably since every time I try to reposition myself she thinks I’m going to run away… Fantastic... not only do we have a running nose but here comes the fever…. Please be a quick cold and that’s it.

Damn you weather!!! It was 80… today they called for snow.

Fuck, the dogs. See I have two huskies that are not good with carpet alone… They think it’s their own personal potty. They are fine with carpet when you are home or in eye sight but as soon as they know you are not home boom… poop. So whenever we go out we crate them. I don’t care if I’m just running across the street to the pharmacy, those dogs are crated! I finally slither out of the death grip that I was in and make my way down the stairs and whoosh goes a dog… SHIT!!!! And boy was I right… she shit. On my carpet. On my two month old expensive carpet. I flip… I swear my dogs know English or at least they can understand profanity.

Now of course this wakes Addison up which I’m okay with because now I have to clean my carpet, so I grab the poop in a baggie and throw it in the mud room, grab Addison, put on whatever cartoon I can find and tell her to no get off the couch. Vacuum mommy? Yes princess mommy has to vacuum. She knows when mommy has to vacuum she is not aloud off the couch. I call Steven, declare it a pizza night and start cleaning that carpet like it’s no one’s business… my poor carpet cleaner got the blunt of my frustration.

Steven walks in from work like a white knight holding Little Caesar’s, Addison becomes an angel again... eats TWO pieces of pizza and TWO cheese sticks… we finish the night by watching some old Star Trek and now here we are. Fun huh?

Okay it may have not been the day from hell, but it was Sunday. Sunday is the day I mop and wax the kitchen, read the Sunday paper, clip coupons and then attempt to do the cross word puzzle. If Steven wasn’t working we would have gone to church but no… this… this was not a Sunday…. So now it is officially Monday. Hopefully Monday will go a bit more smoothly than Sunday.

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