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5 years ago

Fuckety Fuckety bloody knob rot with cherries on top. I hate you BLOGGER! I hate you more than anchovies and olives!

Grrrrr. Yesterday I decided to try and update my blog layout to make it all fresh and flowery like Spring. It was an innocuous task that I had performed many times without any problems.

But this time it was different. Once the new template was installed, the commenting system (Disqus) instantaneously disappeared. Bastard with bollocks on.

Which meant that people could only comment on my blog using the 'Blogger' commenting system. And intially I was happy with that (as an interim solution) .... except that after ten hours or so, I realised that blogger wasn't actually publishing people's comments on my blog. Bloody shitty piece of bloody shit.

So. Two defunct commenting systems. Bloody brilliant. It made me so properly mad, that I threw a chunk of mild cheddar angrily onto my driveway.

Tomorrow I will have to waste my time farting around trying to fix some trite error in the software, in order to get the comments working again. Wank.

As if that wasn't enough, my patience was again truly tried today. During my lunchbreak, I grilled some chicken breasts that I intended to use in subsequent salads. Once they were cooked, I wrapped them carefully in foil, and put them on the side to cool. And then I jumped into the car to pick Izzy up from school.

By the time I got back, Naughty George had lived up to his rapacious reputation. The total bloody git. 

Pic.No.1 Naughty George looked sheepishly upon the remains of the grilled chicked breast (yep the git had nicked them and eaten every single last morsel)


Pic.No.2 Then he figured that if he wasn't actually looking at the evidence, then he couldn't possibly be construed as guilty
Pic.No.3 But the penny dropped - he realised that I wasn't falling for his thinly veiled ruses ......


Pic.No.4 So he tried to slink away without me noticing
Pic.No.5 And he hid in his basket, studiously not looking in my general direction
Pic.No.6 As if nicking, and eating the chicken breasts wasn't enough. NG spent the remainder of the afternoon pumping out guff after guff. His gaseous activity made my eyes water. He is a Git squared
So as you can see ...... my day has been pants thanks to my sub-standard mutt. It has also been shite because of Blogger. However, if you do know how to fix my commenting systems, please do get in touch because I haven't got a bloody clue. 
P.S. have you had any dilemmas this week?

nnie (Lady M) x

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