The Community Platform Has Moved to SheKnows!

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We're incredibly proud to announce that we've launched the new SheKnows Community platform, where you can share your voice and work on our flagship site,

SheKnows Media reaches 81 million women a month, making this the largest platform by and for women in the world.


The platform is moving to SheKnows Community


This is a game-changer. At BlogHer, we've always been passionately committed to amplifying your voice on our stage—and now we're taking it to the next level to help you turbocharge your reach, influence, and personal brand on

If you've ever written on, every post has automatically moved over to SheKnows Community, along with your BlogHer profile. All links to your posts have been redirected, and your password and profile will work on right away—you don't have to do a thing except explore, create and share on

A lot of sweat and even more love went into this project. We did a TON of research and exploration, until we were sure that we were giving you the megaphone and the right tools to help you grow. A few key features:

  • Big reach and distribution channels to make your voice heard.
  • Easy-to-use tools that make creating and sharing content easy, wherever you are.
  • Tutorials and helpful features from our editors and community stars to help you grow your skills.
  • New ways to discover opportunities to work with brands and SheKnows Media.
  • A gorgeous platform made by and for women, where we inspire each other and rise together.
What does this mean for isn't going anywhere! We'll still be sharing lots of info about our conferences, plus other stories you'll love, right here on BlogHer. Registration and login for our members has moved over to Community.

What does this mean if you’re an Influencer, or a member of the BlogHer Publishing Network?

If you are a BlogHer Influencer who participates in our sponsored blog and social programs or a member of the BlogHer Publishing Network, your dashboard hasn't changed at all—you just have a new page where you'll log in. Bookmark this link: That's where you can sign in and find your information, just like you always have.

What's next?

If you aren't already registered with us yet, click "Start Writing" at the top right of any page now to get started.

We're so excited to work with you on the new Community platform on SheKnows! If you have any questions, please email the team at:


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