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8 years ago

BlogHer of the WeekWho says that doughnuts can't leave us with a lesson in self-esteem? For Casey of Moosh in Indy these iced indulgences come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes the least-perfect-looking ones are the most satisfying.

In her post "Desperately Seeking Approval," Casey writes of her visit with a friend--you know, the type that seems to have no problems, who has the big house, the children that were conceived right on schedule, the glow of happiness and luck surrounding her? These friends whom we might as well call the Joneses.

Suddenly my smelly little hundred year old apartment back home that always seemed to smell of a sour rag was the bane of my existence. The debt, all the time gone with Cody in school, my inability to get pregnant, my lack of proof that I was, in fact, 26 years old without a hint of grown up hit me like a ton of bricks.

Fact is Casey, we all have sour rags in our lives, which is why your post resonated with us so much. You've reminded us that, even if we don't achieve perfection, we're still doing OK. That's why you, Ms Moosh, are the BlogHer of the Week!

Realizing that she's been seeking the world's external stamp of approval, Casey has a very sweet awakening:

...Then there’s my favorite bakery by my house. Most of their baked goods look as though they have been sat on. The store is gray and the workers are salty women who wear too much eye makeup. But as soon as you bite into a fluff filled caramel iced bar? You know you’ve got something good. And you would never trade it for the prettiest doughnut from the fanciest most hyped up celebrity ridden doughnut store in the world.

... I am no longer going to let myself compare my tasty cream filled insides to other people’s seemingly flawless yet-taste-like-crap-insides outsides.

She takes it a step further: Why not celebrate all the doughnuts?

I really hope we never envy each other, it’s such a waste of time. Let me be happy for you when your awesome parade goes by just as I’d appreciate it if you stood up and gave me a little holler during my 4:42 second awesome dance to Candyman.

This isn't easy today, when people are losing jobs, savings, and homes. But Casey's honesty and magnanimousness is exactly the shot in the arm we needed this week.

Holla-atcha-girl! How do you like them doughnuts?

Thanks to everyone for continuing to send in your nominated posts. Keep them coming!

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