BlogHer Voice of the Week: The Wilder Coast

8 years ago

"On my first full day of magical thinking, I ate my power animal." ~ Melina, The Wilder Coast

Food writing is hard, to paraphrase the doyenne of food blogging, Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes. If Elise is right, and she nearly always is in my experience, it follows that food storytelling would be even harder and food parables the hardest. Especially when said food parables are so funny they make you snort coffee onto your laptop in a very unladylike fashion.

This week, while Elisa was on vacation, Jory and I read such a blog post: My Year of Magical Thinking by Melina, blogger of The Wilder Coast.

The Wilder Coast is not a food blog per se. But this particular post represents the best of narrative prose around food, including food photography and emphasis on detail. Think black-tie-dinner meets birthday philosophy meets five-star deliciousness meets stand-up comedy, that's this post.

In honor of her birthday, Melina continues a tradition of choosing a theme for the year and bringing her readers stories related to that theme. For her twenty-fifth anniversary, she decides to embark on a year of "magical thinking," she tells her readers. "This is the year to blur the lines between what is fiction and nonfiction, what is possible and impossible....And though I haven't exactly hammered out the details, I know that accidentally eating my Power Animal is not a promising start."

I haven't read Melina before, so I wasn't sure she could deliver on her great lede (see intro, above). Boy was I wrong:

"And so, on my first day as a magical thinker, I was led down a walkway of tiny white lights and seated in front of a small herd of wineglasses and an extended family of forks. I was all tights and lipsticks and good posture, playing it cool, friendly but aloof. That is, until I read that the evening would commence with something called 'Lemony Squid Bubbles', and my head almost blew off my body in delight. I was doing it- I was living out my year of magical thinking! Yesterday, I lived in a world where lemony squid bubbles did not exist. Today, they were being served to me over the pink body of a crab, in a dining room whose walls had once been darkened by the shadow of Oprah Winfrey..."

For her gifted prose and her story arc, not to mention the near-perfect integration of photography and charming humor, The Wilder Coast is our BlogHer Voice of the Week.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to send in your nominated posts. Remember to nominate individual posts, not entire blogs, and keep them coming! If you want to check out all these posts, check out the BlogHer Voice of the Week archive.



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