BlogHer Voice of the Week: Postpartum Progress

21 days ago

Katherine Stone's post starts much like any mother writing about watching her eight-year-old learn to navigate school-yard politics:

"He walks off the bus yesterday with a scowl on his face. His mouth is all scrunched up and his eyes are narrowed. This is not a face I've seen before.

Thoughts race through my mind. Did he get in a fight? Did he get in trouble with his teacher?

Only Stone and her son are anything but typical (whatever that is). An activist who has devoted her blog to public policy and resources to combat depression and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum, Stone herself went through a ferocious experience when this son was born.

How bad? Earlier this year, she described a similar post as a "Conversation between mom and 8-year-old son with whom she had horrible, raging postpartum OCD and cried every day, and knew he'd never love her, and thought she'd ruined his life and hers forever and ever."

Only she got help. And she didn't ruin his life. And she worked like hell. And he does love her. Which is why this exchange, navigating a response to a bully, is all the sweeter in her post, My Postpartum OCD Baby Grows Up, While I Have An Anxiety Attack:

"Did you ask for it back?"

"Yeah, but he said he didn't have it. He said it must've fallen on the floor. But I know it didn't. I know he has it."

Anxiety is rising in my chest. Someone messed with my boy. He's only 8. Has the hell of pre-teen and teenaged life begun already? Is today the day? I'm not ready.

Congratulations, Postpartum Progress, you're our BlogHer Voice of the Week!

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