BlogHer Voice of the Week: Joy in This Journey

This holiday weekend I got a little bit of what I suspect some of the rest of you did too: Talking to friends and family who just don't "get" blogging, let alone Twitter, Facebook and the like. Their questions go something like this: "Why?" "WHY?" And "who has the time?" And "who cares what anybody had for lunch?"

In the future, for my answer, I'll simply point to this week's BlogHer Voice of the Week: Baring It All (Or Why I'm Not the Typical Fox-News-Watching Christian Mom) by Joy in This Journey. Because she explains exactly why.

But first she tells her story. Encapsulating into a few rich, paragraphs years of struggle and joy, loss and love:

Five years ago, I started a blog because I was stuck at home with a disabled and often seriously-ill child. Our days were full of hospitals, medications, therapies, dirty diapers, vomit, and exhaustion. 

I wrote the painful fearful truth of those days so they wouldn't fade into the fog of fatigue.

She explains how she writes about grief. And about going on. About her questions and her doubt. She lets us in to her inner monologue, the one that exposes raw feelings, even bitterness...feelings she so often spares others from. She talks about faith...what it means to her, and how that hasn't always aligned with what it means to others. 

Finally, she writes about "the unraveling". And answers the most pointed question: "Why? Why talk about things most people hide?"

She states the answer so simply, you may miss the courage that she and so many other bloggers just like her show every day. But this time? Don't miss it:

Because other women have lost a child, raised a child with special needs, admitted they don't always love every minute of mothering, asked hard questions, and battled depression. We have crashed head-on into the reality that life often sucks. And we all wonder if we are alone.

Joy in This Journey is convinced that if we are "honest, transparent, vulnerable" we can provide much-needed support to those who may not yet be able to ask for it. And she convinces us. It is a noble Journey, and we're proud that Baring It All (Or Why I'm Not the Typical Fox-News-Watching Christian Mom) is this week's BlogHer Voice of the Week.

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