BlogHer Voice of the Week: Gwenn Liberty Seemel on Small Strokes

Every day on and across the blogs in the network, and every year in many sessions at the BlogHer Conference, the conversation inevitably turns to who we are, who we want to be, who we ought to be and who we're perceived to be...and how those all align or conflict. For example, here's my eternal query: Can't I like cute shoes and political discourse...openly, even simultaneously?

Small Strokes guest blogger, and this week's BlogHer Voice of the Week, Gwenn Liberty Seemel explores it a bit more elegantly, using both words and images, in her post about an art exhibit in which she participated, The 1960s Radical Separatist Feminist In My Head:

With this piece, I wanted to confront the pressures that I feel to be a proper, domestic, and nurturing woman, expectations which I both resent and embrace. I was asking myself what it meant that I want a career and that I also love to cook for my man. In a sense, I was visually portraying the arguments that go on between my one self and my other self—also known as the 1960s radical separatist feminist in my head.

Gwenn has a companion piece to her self-portrait (and self-examination): A similar portrait, but depicting her boyfriend's own inner conflict that led to his own "breaking away from a kind of societal pressure that’s not too different from the one that bullies some women into being homemakers."

This post melds words and images, creating a thought-provoking embodiment of the BlogHer '10 session "Transforming Online Places into Art Spaces". Each image and each thought is more interesting than the last. It's a consistent theme in her work, including right here on BlogHer, where Gwenn takes you through the evolution of her self-portraiture, and shows you in stages how she ends up with the look and feel of her work:

Gwenn Liberty Seemel self-portraitC
redit: Gwenn Liberty Seemel, A Self-Portrait Made Not entirely By Myself

In the end, the 1960s Radical Separatist Feminist in Gwenn's head gets the last word, in an anecdote I won't divulge here, but we urge you to click over and see why she is our BlogHer Voice of the Week!

Thanks to everyone for continuing to send in your nominated posts. Remember to nominate individual posts, not entire blogs, and keep them coming! If you want to check out all these posts, check out the BlogHer Voice of the Week archive.

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