BlogHer Voice of the Week: According to Trish

Have you ever read someone's blog and thought: "Thank God I'm not the only one who thinks like that!"? Well, that's the feeling I got when reading this week's BlogHer Voice of the Week: Death by Doughnut, by According to Trish.

As Trish walks us through her ultimately triumphant struggle with that eternal frenemy, the bathroom scale, her individual story becomes a more universal one.

From the feeling of somehow being especially signaled out for an unfair metabolic destiny:

There was no positive reinforcement from my scale. There was no "You had a great day yesterday! You said no to birthday cake and you know that you love birthday cake! But you didn't take any! Check out THIS number, which is reflective of the emotional sacrifice that you just endured! Yippee! Go, you!"

None of that. Instead it was more like, "You saw the cake. You thought about the cake. I'm going to have to charge you five pounds for that." But I didn't eat it! Not one crumb! "Doesn't matter. You wanted to."

To the irrational fear of, per the post's title: "Death by Doughnut". After indulging in a doughnut, but realizing mid-way through she had had enough of it, Trish encounters a particular phobia:


In the past, stopping would've required me to toss the doughnut out the window so I would be FORCED to cease and desist. But not now. So I tried to put the doughnut back in the bag. But I dropped it. Near my feet. Near the brake pedal. I got scared because when I was in college a girl died because a soda can rolled behind the brake pedal while she was driving and she plowed right into an intersection.

I didn't even know someone in college who died by soda can, and I have a fear of my pedals sticking...and like Trish, that fear way pre-dates recent automotive current events!

Trish's post is ultimately a positive and uplifting story of self-acceptance and loving one's self in order to love others. But it's her skillful, self-deprecating-without-being-self-denigrating willingness to show us her vulnerabilities that make her this week's BlogHer Voice of the Week.

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