The BlogHer Community's Most Loved Posts of 2009

8 years ago

Ever wonder what's hot, really hot, with the BlogHer community? We can help: Introducing the BlogHer Community's Most Loved Posts of 2009. From Jimmy Carter to Cake Wrecks, your reading habits represent the diversity of interest that makes up our community. We'd love to know what you think of this list -- your faves? anything we missed? -- as we take a minute to reflect on BlogHer's biggest stories of 2009.

Top Five

Jimmy Carter and the Southern Baptists

Contributing Editor Mata's commentary on Jimmy Carter’s severing all ties to the Southern Baptist church to protest its treatment of women gave context to a move many saw as shocking. She wrote:

I am so glad he wrote it, but sad that it feels so surprising. And sad that there are not more echoes. And sad that it took so long. And sad that we feel we have to say thank you, because so few religious male leaders have taken this position. And sad that all of our GLBT brothers and sisters can't enjoy the same mention.

Marriott Makes a Mistake With a Woman's Rape

Contributing Editor Nordette expressed shock and outrage after hearing about Marriott accusing a woman raped in front of her toddler in their parking garage for not using her senses and facilities properly, writing:

What I'm saying is that the Marriott has slapped all women in the face with its reprehensible rhetoric in hopes of saving itself from paying damages. Did its attorneys think this story would not reach us?


Source: Cake Wrecks

What interested you by topic? Read on.

BlogHer Conferences



Business, Career and Money

Entertainment and Culture


MTV Europe Music Awards 2009 - Show

Fashion and Beauty Hacks


Mixed Russian Fashion Show



Planned Parenthood Los Angeles County Advocacy Project "Politics, Sex & Cocktails"




Health and Wellness


senior health



Florida National Guard Unit Deploys To Iraq, Via Fort Hood

Mommy and Family


Three Kings parade celebrates Epiphany in New York



7th Annual Giants Of Broadcasting Awards Ceremony



Obama Discusses Security Review After Attempted Christmas Terror Attack

Sex and Relationships


Erotica 2009 Is Launched With Retailers Showcasing Their Wares

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