The BlogHer 2014 Mother's Day Gift Guide

3 years ago

Welcome, friends! It's April, which means soon it will be safe to plant things in less-than-temperate zones! And also! You should buy a mama in your life something special. Or else. Here are BlogHer's 2014 faves.



Boxxle, $100

I know, I know, you pretend you don't drink wine in a box. But now there's nothing to be ashamed of! Proudly display your boxed wine in a counter-height, stainless steel container on your counter, in your fridge, or on your deck. I received one of these to see how they worked, and I have to say I'm impressed. I've always been a fan of boxed table wine (when I'm not serving guests) for environmental reasons. Now that more and more well reviewed wines are available in a box, I think the stigma's going to die pretty quickly, too. Get your favorite mama this cool contraption and she'll be thanking you with every glass.


Bendable Sofa Table

Sofa Tray Table, $56

Every time my parents and sister come to visit, we fight over who gets to sit on the edges of the sofa where the tables or trays are, because we want to have our beverage of choice nearby whilst we watch our stories on the television at night. I've been searching for a solution to this annoying problem that doesn't involve my cheap ugly TV trays being out all the time, because our long and skinny living room isn't conducive to any more furniture. I so want two of these sofa tray tables to forever end the Arens End-Table Wars.



Morninghead cap, $7.99

I saw this no-shower bedhead cure on Shark Tank with my family. Shark Tank is a show where entrepreneurs pitch their products to venture capitalists and try to get funding. The sharks totally laughed this poor guy off the stage. It was brutal. The entire time I was watching, I was thinking I totally need one of those. I usually walk around with a hat on half the day because I work out at noon or after work, and since I work from home, I don't like to shower multiple times a day. The hat looks dumb and also makes it nearly impossible to wear glasses. During allergy season, I shower before bed to get all the pollen off (note: this is a good idea if you have allergies and ever leave your house). It pisses me off that my hair looks so ridiculous all the time just because I don't shower first thing in the morning. Plus, my hair super oily, so I have to wash it every day or I look like Kurt Cobain. If you know a mama with short hair, give her one of these.



Classic Tieks, $175

BlogHer's Stacy Morrison introduces me to most things of fashion not found in Target, and she introduced me to Tieks a few years ago when they gave BlogHer attendees a discount. I asked myself: "Could foldable flats possible be worth $175?" I'm such a cheapskate that I have never owned shoes that cost that much. The answer, my friends, is "yes." I am currently saving up for another pair of Tieks before BlogHer '14. They are made of impossibly yummy leather. The stitching is amazing. The little blue soles get looks and compliments whenever I wear them. You can fold them up and put them in your bag, and I have walked from one end of Manhatten to the other in them without a problem. I love these things. You can wear them with a dress, you can wear them with jeans and a tshirt, you can wear them with shorts, whatever. Treat your mama right with a pair of these things, and you'll blow her mind.


Custom Photo Keychain

Custom Photo Keychain, $15.95

This custom photo keychain is something I found on Etsy a while back and haven't gotten around to getting yet, don't ask me why. The price is right, it's simple and elegant, and it's supporting someone's entrepreneurship. Since it's custom, you'll need to start early. What a perfect way to hold on to the family even when they're away or mama's playing taxi driver on the weekends.


Handmade Feminine Products Pouch

Tampon Zip Pouch, $21

Some months, you are making babies. Some months, you are not. Gift your mama friends with this handmade, hand-lettered tampon pouch. Choose from "Shark Week," "Beaver Dam," "#awkward" and more!


Aveda Hand Relief

Aveda Hand Relief, $22.50

I've never used this stuff, but BlogHer's Diane Lang waxed on: "It's buttery soft and feels completely decadent and I applaud their sustainability efforts. I'm also a germaphobe and wash my hands constantly, and this heals dry, chapped hands better than any lotion I've tried." So there you go!


Mother/Daughter Necklace

Mother/Daughter Necklace, $40

Want a sweet reminder to give your mom that you're always with her in spirit? Maybe this sterling silver "Mother and Daughter Never Truly Part Bound In Each Other's Heart" pave crystal pendant/open heart necklace will melt her heart.


Shun Classic 3-Piece Starter Knife Set

Shun 3-Piece Starter Knife Set, $394

Sometimes crowd-sourcing is fun. My co-workers give interesting suggestions.


Stripe Fly By Skort

Stripe Fly By Skort, $65

This is what I asked for this Mother's Day. I tried it on in the store and it was so bright and fun and adorable and a skort so you can sit on the floor without anyone seeing your wares. You could run in it or pair it with a white tank or tee and be off to the zoo with your kids. I also asked for this model's legs, but I am not so sure about that part.

What do you want for Mother's Day? Or what are you getting your mom?

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