BlogHer 2010: What to Wear

7 years ago

Because I cannot leave well enough alone, let's talk about what to wear to BlogHer '10. That will be fun, don't you think? 

Yes. Yes it will. 

You're waiting for me to make some big pronouncement now, aren't you, like DON'T WEAR JEANS or PACK SOME HEELS or FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY BUY A PROPER COCKTAIL DRESS. But I'm not going to do it. Instead, I'm going to give you three simple things to think about while you're instead of standing in your closet freaking out about what to wear. 

June 29 

scarf: J. Crew tee: Old Navy

1. Identify your goals. Ooh, that sounds lofty, doesn't it? What I mean is this: be clear about why you're going to BlogHer. Are you thinking of this as a girls' getaway weekend? Are you hoping to make professional connections? Or are you doing a little of both? Be honest with yourself about what you're hoping to get out of the conference and pack accordingly.

2. Know your comfort zone. Every year I hear the same things: I don't ever dress up! I don't own a cocktail dress! And -- my favorite -- I'm a mom! I only wear capri pants and t-shirts! (That last one kills me. Truly.) Wear what's comfortable for BlogHer -- if you're a flats girl (holla!) don't feel compelled to bring heels. If you're not a dress person, then don't bring one. If your entire closet is tees and capris, pack 'em. Just leave the stained tees and ill-fitting capris at home. Please.

3. Remember: New York City, baby! Maybe it's just me, but I'm geeking out about spending five days in New York City, largely because I know I can get away with wearing things there that I cannot pull off at home, both because I'll be in the Fashion Capital of America and because my kids will be half a continent away and not wiping their hands on my dress. Take advantage of the opportunity and do something out of the ordinary. Why not?

I'm happy to offer packing basics or tell you specifically what I'm taking, but the bottom line is this: stop worrying. If you really feel like you have nothing to wear for BlogHer, think about why that is. Are you afraid that your current wardrobe won't measure up to some imaginary fashion standard? Or are you honestly working with a closet that consists entirely of yoga pants and logo tees? Either way, think less about what everyone else will be wearing and more about what you can put on each day that will make you feel like your best self.

And then do that every day, not just for the two and half days of BlogHer. The end.

This week the talened BlogHer CEs who cover Style will be providing tips and encouragement to help you pack your suitcase. Tomorrow, Kelly Wickham has some shoe advice, and on Wednesday blackbird tells you where to shop while you're in NYC. And next week, I'll have a full packing list from my suitcase -- you know, once I get all the vacation laundry done and figure out precisely what I'm wearing. Odds are good that it will be mostly flats and dresses.

Susan Wagner writes about pragmatic fashion at The Working Closet and chic suburban living at Friday Playdate, where this post originally appeared.

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