A Bloggy Impasse

5 years ago

I haven't felt like writing about myself very much, lately.  I'm a small business owner – a dayhome operator, so consequently a professional parent.  Writing about myself on my blog permits clients and friends to see so much more of me than I see of them.  My life is laid open for them, in five hundred word increments.  Reciprocity is impossible.

Up until recently, that really didn't bother me.  Friends would chat over coffee about their lives, and I was saved the recounting of my own highlights because they had already read about them.  I've always much preferred listening to talking.  And reading to listening, come to think of it.  But when I became a graduate student, our common ground shifted a bit, you know?  I was still a professional parent.  We all still had funny stories to share about our kids, minor and major crises to work through, transitions to navigate.  Except all of a sudden, I wanted to talk about other stuff, too.  Like philosophy, critical theory, social politics, transformative ideology, and Change-with-a-capital-C.  I ran out of time to read blogs.  Hours of social media time were reallocated to textbooks, note-taking, and staring off into space.

I lost touch.

I've been writing a lot, lately.  Primarily fiction.  I've got a stack of half-read novels on the go at all times.  I've been touching base with bloggy friends and finding my way back online.  My kids are old enough that they don't want their best (or worst) moments described for strangers, and they shy away from the camera, now.  I feel quieter, enjoying this distance from diaper changes, potty rinsing, and formula mixing.  Enjoying this newfound confidence in parenting.  I feel like in giving up the struggle to find common ground, I've found the opportunity to build authentic friendships.

So, I guess my point is that the blogger I was a year ago is quite a lot different than the writer I am, today.  But that's probably the same for all of us, isn't it?


When I'm not hiding behind a stack of books, you can find me writing about life and love in fiction and reality over at The Valentine 4.

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