Blogging...almost as hard as looking for a job.

3 years ago

To Blog...or not Blog...that is the question. It would seem blogging was invented for writers. After all, we always think we have something to say, something that someone would like to read, and in most cases, we jot it down. As I try and market my latest project, what I hear most often (and read in blogs) is that it is important to have a blog. I discuss this often with a girl friend of mine. She is funny, intelligent, and for the last 10 years, has been a stay-at-home mom...the job that doesn’t count on a resume as she tries to look for work now. I can commiserate because while I am a writer, I am also a single mom who has to work to support her children. I am not quite a famous writer yet. 

In a recent conversation we had on the subject, I said this:

"Hey Jen, we should start a blog! Everyone is doing it. I read a lot of blogs on a variety of subjects. Some interesting...some not. It doesn't seem to stop anybody. I think most days we could get to mildly interesting. Seinfeld had a pretty good run talking about nothing. I say we go for it! We are feeling time slip through our fingers and can't figure out how to stop it. I am sure a many women feel the same way. We want to make a difference!

We should start blogging about all of the things we talk about each day. We are always working on...or working out something with kids, husbands, friends, jobs, our homes, and the dreaded dinner hour. We do it all by talking, and if we share it, we might help someone, or get help along the way."

For instance, we were talking about how she didn't get a job she had just interviewed for. She thought the interview went great and could not figure out why they didn't want her! She then suggested we blog about the struggles that middle age women face when trying to get back in the workforce after 10 years...

This got me thinking: 

The workforce would be lucky to get her back, they just don't get it. Interpersonal, time management and organizational skills come with age and life experience.  No one can dare ask you your age anymore…but let’s not pretend the twenty-something’s sitting across the table aren’t wondering if we could keep with them at the office holiday party. Well we could!

At least t they didn't ask her, “Tell me all about your strengths and weaknesses." 

I got asked that at my last interview by a twenty-something guy. Ick!

I guess in "Interviewer School" you have to get that answer right on the multiple choice section of the test where it asks, "What is the one question you MUST ALWAYS ASK EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL?"

If I were quicker on my toes, and had gone to "Interviewee School" I would have known to answer, "My strength is that I can sit here before you, pretend to look interested, nod my head enthusiastically in all the right places, tell you how much I love to file, and can't wait to start at 7:00 in the morning for a crappy paying job that still won’t afford me the luxury of buying shoes outside of the clearance rack.”

My weakness is that I don't want this job...or any job where I can't be creative and putting words on paper that will enable someone else who also files for a living a little chance for escape in the ages of a good book. 

Or a good Blog.


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