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Well, hello there fellow BlogHer blogger!  How are you?  Keeping well, I hope. 

I wanted to talk to you today about your blog, which is really an artful way for me to steal all your good ideas and use them on my blog.  I'm tricky like that. 

But not really.  After all, this social media thing is about the dialog, right?  (Just nod and agree.  Thank you.) 

If you read my previous BlogHer post here, you'll know that I have re-committed myself to hone my writing, to taking it somewhere.  In the comments of that post, @ritaarens talked about how she has articulated her own mission.  And last night, I was involved in a blog chat on Twitter where this was discussed too.  Know your audience, they said.  Who are you writing to?  What do they care about?  What do they want?  What is your mission, your objective?

I blogged about this topic a little bit today on my blog, but it was very tongue-in-cheek.  (My tongue is stuck in my cheek.  I think someone smacked me on the back when I was a kid and it stuck there.  Mom was close when she talked about crossed-eyes sticking, but ends up the real risk is the tongue-in-cheek thing.)

My mission, according to that post, is "I want my writing to make me rich, skinny, and popular.  Oh, and to promote world peace." 

Hey, all noble things, right?  OK, well, 25% noble and the rest very, very shallow and unrealistic.  Those things aren't my real mission or objective.  I'm not sure how to put it into words, or more accurately, it's just overflowing with words - I'm not sure how to pin it down succinctly.  My idol is (was) Erma Bombeck.  I would love to hone my craft and become worthy of comparing myself to her.  That's my personal goal.  I want to make people laugh, I want them to nod their heads when they read my stuff and say "Yep, I feel exactly that way too." 

I want to make human imperfection and the ordinariness of life funny. 

What about you?  What is your mission?

And that leads to audience - when you are writing about the vagaries of life or the mundane, how do you define your audience?  Do you need to understand that better, to know who they are and what they want? 

Did Erma do that, do you think?

Sound off with your thoughts on the topic - I'd welcome the dialog!



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