Blogging Frustrations? It is hard to seduce the internet.

5 years ago

And now: a rant about the internet brought to you by the internet.

The internet is an exhausting place. Especially for a new blogger like me. I bet even you vetrans of awesome remeber what it was like to be starting out.

        On every "promote your blog website" (it is my personal belief that there are more blogs about blogs than blogs about anything else) a humble blogger is commanded to join approximately a million sharing sites. Thus, I have spent the last eternity joining: imgur, reddit, linked in, technorati, stumbleupon, tumblr (which mocks me by its privation of the letter e), as well as re-dedicating my life to twitter and attempting to get an rss feed. The internet might have eaten my soul.

Are you possibly experiencing blogophilia - an obsessive love and addiction to blogging?

Here are 3 common symptoms of blogophilia:

1. Subject is unable to part with computer, even attempts to bring it with them into the bathroom. Check: I think I spent all three weeks of Christmas vacation on the internet. I am surprised that my eyes don't glow in the dark like little luminescent computer screens. Hunched over near the screen I mutter, "my own, my precious...pageviews".

  1. 2. Subject fears computer code. Check: The letters "html" throw me into a violent state of shock and trembling fear.
  2. Subject envisions throwing popular internet icons into a junk heap. Check: I am going to draw a picture of this. Maybe it will make me feel better.





Twitter is unsympathetic to my plight.






You have 0 and 1/2 followers on twitter.



But the internet fairy is bipolar and can down vote you to oblivion on a whim.



I feel like the unsuccessful pied piper of the internet


If you are thinking right now, "the pied piper is a really creepy story", you are correct.

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