Blogging for Choice - again and again and again

8 years ago

I don't know about you but my feedreader is full of Blog for Choice posts. This is another one of those topics that I blog every year and every year think to myself (and out loud), "Why is this still an issue? Why haven't we resolved this once and for all. It makes no sense."

It makes no sense if you're a pro-choice blogger. It makes a little more sense when I read posts like the one from American Princess (or the one posted long ago by Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer.) Choice isn't so cut and dry for some people and I do understand that, sort of. I just don't UNDERSTAND it.

I get it that someone might be morally, ethically or for some other reason opposed to having an abortion. So don't have one. I know, I know - it's not that simple. But darn it, it should be that simple.

Nobody has the right to tell me what I can do with my body. Nobody has the right to do something to my body without my consent, (and that includes removing my IUD if I had one.) I am a grown woman. You are a grown woman. We all deserve to be treated as grown women.

As a grown woman I have been faced with many difficult decisions. I suspect I will be faced with many more in my life time. It doesn't matter whether I'm choosing to end a relationship, end a career, or end a pregnancy.

* I will choose what's right for me.
* I will not allow you to tell me my reasons are wrong, or invalid, or flawed.
* I will not allow you to respond to my reasons with alternatives simply because you do not believe in my decision.

The folks at NARAL would like me to blog about what my "top" pro-choice hope for Obama and/or the new congress is. I can't do that. This isn't a "top choice" sort of thing for me. I'm not willing to give up X to get Y, it's an all or nothing thing for me. It looks like an awful lot of bloggers do have a top pro-choice hope - go surf them, see if you agree or disagree.

All I really have to say is this...

I will not give up my right to choose, regardless of what President Obama does or the new congress does or the next new congress does.

These opinions are mine and mine alone. You can find many different ideas and opinions about reproductive rights and other political topics on BlogHer.

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