Blogging Bootcamp- Got my very first reply!

22 days ago

After finishing my first post, I dipped my toe in the ChatterWorld and got a great response from a reader named Denise.

In a nutshell, as I was about to logout for the day, I decided to enter a statement into the "Chatter" section and post it. It went something like this:

"Chatter? What chatter? I don't have a Facebook/Pinterest/MySpace/Twitter/whatever-the-fuck account. I don't need an army of virtual publicists!" 

Here's the response from Denise:

Author: Denise
|Title: Well if you want to grow

"Well if you want to grow traffic to a blog, having a Twitter, Facebook andPinterest account will probably help you do that. Otherwise, you're prettymuch at the mercy of search engines and your family/friends. lol.   Chatter is like twitter in that it's a 140character messaging system -- butit's specific to BlogHer (though you could have your Chatters sent toTwitter, if you had a Twitter account) and replies are not limited to 140characters (nor are they sent to Twitter.)"

I loved the fact that she sent me the response, but then realized that I should explain to her exactly why I'm taking a bizarre route to starting my blog/vlog:

Here's my response back to Diane:

"Denise, you rock! I really appreciate your response and made it the topic of my official second post. In a nutshell, as weird as it sounds, I'm taking micro-mini baby steps and want to amass a wealth of my blog posts and vlogs before I truly start spreading the word and starting a facebook account. Due to a myriad of mental health issues that makes me terrified of being around people, I've never attempted to make internet contact with the outside world until yesterday (still wrapping my mind around the fact I actually started one!!) Thank you for your tips because I really appreciate them! Take care"

I have ordered a bunch of blogging beginner books to consume while I continue to take positive leaps on a baby step scale. Who knows? I could have a vault of unreleased material to rival that of Tupac by the time I'm ready to start marketing Citizen Arcane (my bouncing baby blogvlog :) 




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