Blogging Advice Doesn't Always Apply When You're Writing Without a Niche

4 years ago
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In the blogging world, it seems like there are almost as many types of bloggers as there are tutorials on how to blog.  There are the DIY bloggers, the photography bloggers, coupon counting bloggers, household hints bloggers, childcare bloggers, homeschooling bloggers... Well, the list goes on.

For every niche out there, there is a blogger that has captured the very essence of it and is flourishing in that category.

Then you have the rest of us, the Naked Niche bloggers.

Image: Muddy Boot Dreams

We're the ones who go from topic to topic, changing our subjects like our socks.  We touch on various ideas.  We express our thoughts and our feelings, learning and trying different things as we go.

We’re all at different stages in our blogging journeys.  Some might just be starting out, while others are further along. And here's the thing: our villages are starting to be populated.  We’re adding readers, and our audience is growing follower by follower.

Things are good, even though the thought maybe they could be better lurks in the back of our minds.

Sometimes we get restless and want to change things up or do something different.  We start to explore advice on the Web. That’s when we come across the various blogging advice posts written by the experts. They’re interesting, full of good ideas, and lots of promises.

You start to wonder if their advice could work for you.

It sounds alluring, and you make the changes.  Maybe it’s setting up an email list or writing longer posts or writing shorter posts or adding more personal information or adding less.

Maybe they suggest that you find five social media platforms to be active on every day, posting tweets and asking your audience to retweet them for you.

It’s great advice, maybe a little time consuming, but you think, I just need to persevere, and this work will pay off. Things will start to happen soon.  They do for other people.

Slowly you come to the realization that their advice is not really working like they said it would.

You give something else a try, and that doesn’t really work either. There are no hoards of readers demanding your next post, hanging onto your every word. No one is banging down your blogging door to ask you to guest post for their company.

Most of it is good advice, and sure, your blog looks better, cleaner, and loads faster.  But where are the new followers that you were supposed to get?

After a while, you realize that much of the “expert advice” out there doesn’t apply to your blog, or your readers.
And you know why?

Because if you are a Naked Niche blogger.

Your so-called “audience” is made up of real people: bloggers that you follow, and who follow you. They care about what you write, and they come to read your blog because they like you, and you like them.

They are not just anonymous commenters who stop by occasionally to learn how to makeover a piece of furniture, find a good chicken recipe, or the best way to hang a curtain rod.

Your Naked Niche readers are not the audience that the experts are writing for.

They are writing for bloggers who have chosen to stay within a tight little niche, no matter how small the box might be cramming them into a tiny space.  Those bloggers are working at becoming an expert in a particular subject.

The advice is wonderful for those types of bloggers.  It’s for bloggers who want to give their “audience” what they want, on a certain subject. The advice is great for bloggers with editorial calendars, who pre-plan each post ahead of time.

That’s not who we are.  We don’t follow a set and ridged schedule.

They probably will find success with that method.  It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s not the kind of blogging that we do. Not that our type of blogging isn’t made up of hard work and enthusiasm.  It’s just a different type of reader.

It’s simply doesn’t work for Naked Niche bloggers because some of us don’t even know what we are going to write about when we sit down at the computer!

Why don’t they suggest tweeting that?

So yes, by all means give new ideas a try.  Learn something interesting, or not.  Continue on in your regular fashion, or make a few changes. That’s the joy of Naked Niche blogging; you never know what the next post is going to be about.

And that’s why the expert advice doesn’t always fit.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams